Faculty, 1907-1908

​P. E. McDonald, Superintendent

S. W. Dirickson, Principal High School

S. R. Terry, High School

Miss Francis M. Brooks, High School

Miss Olivia E. Shropshire, High School

Grade Teachers

Miss Anne C. Goree

Miss Annie Hunter

Miss blanche Brock

Miss Mabel McGee

Miss Lena DeMauri

Miss Mamie Montgomery

Miss Pearl Hood

Miss Myrtle Anderson

Music Teachers

Miss Katherine Murrie

Mrs. E. C. Waltermire

Colored School

W. J. Taylor, Prinicpal

J. S. Nicholson. Assistant

Board of Trustees

For 1907-1908


L. C. LaMaster, President

W. A. Williamson, Vice President

J. C. McKinney, Treasurer

J. L. Ballinger, Secretary

P. E. McDonald, Superintendent


A. W. Richardson

J. C. McKinney

J. L. Ballinger

L. C. LaMaster

W. A. Williamson

C. L. Wood

J. H. Lowry

Board of Examiners:

P. E. McDonald, Chairman

S. W. Dirickson, Secretary

S. R. Terry

16th Annual Report of the Public School of Honey Grove, 1907-1908

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Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

The fame of the Honey Grove Schools is wider than the state, and in many places visited the people have inquired earnestly how such a system of schools was built up.  My answer is that the people of Honey Grove know the value of good schools and have long since learned the important lesson that such schools can be had only by the exercise of their best judgment and by hearty co-operation.  Only such teachers as will cheerfully put forth their best efforts are retained in the School and when they have done this they are counted worthy of all honor by the Board and loyally supported.

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