Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

The back of the photo has the following names:

Front row seated:  Cousins (Jess Duttoon, Buck Dutton, Johnnie Ragsdale, Jo Mason, Rosina Crumpacker, Edna Bachelor, Lizzie Witcher, Della Crumpacker, Maude Meade, Susie Ramsey, Annie Ramsey, Stella Barrineau, ____________, ______________, Mrs. Carrie Mason, Sam Crumpacker, Minnie Dutton, Kate Cole, Roxie Fortenberry?, Lacy Terrel

Second row: Newt Ramsey, Bera Green, Jim Cole, Addie Prickett, __________, _____________, Herbert Ramsey, Lizzie Shepherd, Walter Works, Lena Gross, Walter Ramsey, Ada Crumpacker; Isham Beasley, Dick Duck, Will Crumpacker, _________________, ______________, Dave Cole

Top row:  Lute Witcher, John Prickett, Tom Ramsey, Lee Witcher, Hugh Harper, _______________, Herman Crumpacker, ___________, Bud Shepherd, Johnny Green (in window), Jim Witcher, Bud Shepherd?, Joe Ramsey, Levi Barrineau, Wince Witcher, Will Prickett, Ed Prickett, _________, ______________, Elmer Ramsey.

Shorty Parker on the ground.  He sold watermelons.

Allens Chapel Methodist Church

A history of the Allens Chapel Methodist Church is on the Fannin County Historical Commission website.

‚ÄčThe photo below is from the collection of Lem Locke.