The back of the photo has the following names:

Front row seated:  Cousins (Jess Duttoon, Buck Dutton, Johnnie Ragsdale, Jo Mason, Rosina Crumpacker, Edna Bachelor, Lizzie Witcher, Della Crumpacker, Maude Meade, Susie Ramsey, Annie Ramsey, Stella Barrineau, ____________, ______________, Mrs. Carrie Mason, Sam Crumpacker, Minnie Dutton, Kate Cole, Roxie Fortenberry?, Lacy Terrel

Second row: Newt Ramsey, Bera Green, Jim Cole, Addie Prickett, __________, _____________, Herbert Ramsey, Lizzie Shepherd, Walter Works, Lena Gross, Walter Ramsey, Ada Crumpacker; Isham Beasley, Dick Duck, Will Crumpacker, _________________, ______________, Dave Cole

Top row:  Lute Witcher, John Prickett, Tom Ramsey, Lee Witcher, Hugh Harper, _______________, Herman Crumpacker, ___________, Bud Shepherd, Johnny Green (in window), Jim Witcher, Bud Shepherd?, Joe Ramsey, Levi Barrineau, Wince Witcher, Will Prickett, Ed Prickett, _________, ______________, Elmer Ramsey.

Shorty Parker on the ground.  He sold watermelons.

Allens Chapel Methodist Church

A history of the Allens Chapel Methodist Church is on the Fannin County Historical Commission website.

‚ÄčThe photo below is from the collection of Lem Locke.

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas