Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Authentic Histories

In September of 1937 the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen began printing a series of articles titled The Authentic Histories.  The first articles were reprints of articles that had previously been written by James P. Gilmer.  The second set of articles were written by H. P. Allen.  This history written by two of the early pioneers of Honey Grove provides valuable and interesting information.  The links to the transcribed articles are below.  Our copies of these documents are very difficult to read, and so are not being provided.

September 17, 1937  The First History  (an introduction to the series)

September 24, 1937 (Early History, Early Characters, Dawn of the New Era, written in 1883)

October 1, 1937  (Public Buildings, New Charter, Proposed Change of Name, Population - Taxable Property, School Money, Shipments, Etc., Banking History, written in 1883)

​October 10, 1937 (Cemetery, Telephone, Public Roads, Stone Quarries, Brass Band, Cotton Storing, Our Professional Men, Business Interests, written in 1883)

October 15, 1937 (Business Interests Continued, written in 1883)

October 22, 1937 (Vote on Prohibition in 1887, Fannin's Wealth, written in 1883)

​October 29, 1937 (Tribute to Pioneers, written in 1937)

November 5, 1937  (Lead-up to the Civil War)

November 19, 1937 (Schools and Churches)

November 26, 1937  (Early Households and Tools)

December 10, 1937  (Artesian Well, Early Settlers)

December 16, 1937 (Furniture, Farming, Mail)

December 31, 1937 (Fourth of July Celebrations, Early Settlers)

January 7, 1938  (Early Settlers)

January 14, 1938 (Early Settlers)

January 21, 1938 (Early Settlers)

March 17, 1938 (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part A (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part A1 (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part B (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part B1 (The McKee Family)

Spring 1938 Part C (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part D (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part E (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part F (Early Settlers)

Spring 1938 Part G (Early Settlers, Newspapers, Churches, Schools)

Spring 1938 Part F (Samuel Erwin)