Harnesses were essential to the use of plows, carriages and wagons.  Most of the harnesses and saddles were handmade by skilled craftsmen.  This remarkable photo is of the Clark and Neblett Harness Shop, which was located south of the First National Bank building.  (Information and photo from John Black's Pictorial History).

Below is the Gose Livery Stable, South 6th Street.

Blacksmith and Harness Shops and Stables

Blacksmith and harness shops were essential to the agricultural community.

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Marr Blacksmith Shop

Marshall Galbraith was a leading farmer and businessman in Honey Grove.  Among his other endeavors, he owned Galbraith's Blacksmith Shop, which shod horses and mules and made repairs on wagons and buggies.  Photo from the Collection of the Estate of John and Thelma Black.