Christian Chapel C. M. E.

Founded - 1900

Remodeled 1970


Bonzell Wallace

Gertie B. Smith

Juanita Moore

N.S. Currey-Bishop

N. B. Steward - P. E.

A. J. Lawson, Jr.-P.C.

In 1870 the constituency of the Methodist Church, South, voted to allow the formation of a Colored Methodist Church of America.

In 1885, a parcel of land on Pacific Street in Honey Grove was purchased from the railroad company by the trustees of the church at that time known as the "Little Blue."  The name of St. Paul C.M. E. Church was given this church,  Because of the confusion with the St. Paul A.M.C. Church also located in Honey Grove, the name was changed to Christian Chapel C.M.E. Church in 1900.

Much of the former historical data and its pastors down through the years has been lost.

From 1900 to 1954, this church was called Christian Chapel Colored Methodist Episcopal Church,  In 1954, the General Conference ruled that our denomination would replace the word Colored to Christian, thus making this denomination be Christian Methodist Episcopal, allowing all races, creed or color to become a member of these societies under a Christian banner.

In December 2001 a new site on Market Street was obtained.  On February 23, 2002, the congregation held the Ground Breaking Ceremony.  In November 2002, the construction of new church began.  The first service in the new church was held on June 22, 2003, preceded by a motorcade from the old site on Pacific Street.  The cornerstone laying ceremony followed four months later.

The 1897 Sanborn map below shows the location of the church in 1897.

Christian Chapel C.M.E. Church

Honey Grove Preservation League

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