Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

According to John Black's Pictorial History of Honey Grove, the Honey Grove Bible Class had Sunday school at the City Hall each Sunday, about 1924-1926.  The names in the book are below:

Front row, seated, starting with the second person:  Nickson Emmons, Will Fain, Jim Ed Sharp, Rev. R. S. Smith, Ben Ivey, Mr. Jess Edwards, Covington, Mr. Will Erwin, Pete Martin, Mr. Walter Yates, Ben Edwards, Jim Russell, Dick Brown, Jewel Wheeler and J. A. Wilson.

2nd row - Mr. Ed Whitley, Mr. Fewell, Dr. Horace Donaldson, Mr. Jim Beatty, Tip Banister, Mr. McDonald, Mr. G. Burroughs, Rufe Emmons, Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Burncid, Alanzo Lindsey, Walter Lassiter.

3rd row - Mr. Donaldson, John Emmons, Boots Harrell, (Hat) Dr. Daniels, Joe Meade, James Perky, Will Mac Farland, Will Grey, Swindell, Bowden, Mr. Melton (Pulmber) Mr. Vinyard, Hindman, Mr.. Stevens and Mr. Rogers 


From the Honey Grove Signal, December 6, 1918

No Church Service Sunday

The pastors or officials of three of the churches were conferred with yesterday and said there would be no service at their churches Sunday on account of the influenza situation.  Another pastor was out of town and could not be seen, but the Signal feels warranted in making the announcement that no service will be held at any of the Honey Grove churches Sunday.

Historic Honey Grove Churches

In 1855 four congregations purchased land for the building of the Union Church.  The Union Church was owned by the Methodists, Baptists, Christians, and the Cumberland Presbyterians.  Each of the denominations had one Sunday each month for services.

Each of these denominations, and others, built beautiful churches in Honey Grove, several of which remain.  Click on the buttons below for more information on these churches, including links to historic documents.  Information on other Fannin County churches is on the Fannin County Historical Commission website.

Allens Chapel Methodist Church

Christian Chapel C. M. E. Church, Honey Grove

Church of Christ, Honey Grove

Dial Baptist Church, Dial

Dial Presbyterian Church, Dial

Eastland Baptist Church (now the 16th Street Baptist Church), Honey Grove

Eighth Street United Methodist Church, Honey Grove

Fairview Baptist Church, Windom

First Baptist Church, Honey Grove

First Christian Church, Honey Grove

First Christian Church, Windom

Main Street Presbyterian Church, Honey Grove

  including the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the First Presbyterian Church and the Rock Point Presbyterian Church

McCraw's Chapel Methodist Church

McKenzie Methodist Church, Honey Grove

Petty Methodist Church, Petty

Rock Point Methodist Church

Spring Hill Presbyterian Church

St. James Lutheran Church, Allens Chapel

St. James Baptist Church, Honey Grove

St. Mark the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Honey Grove

Vineyard Grove Baptist Church, Allens Chapel

Whiterock Methodist Church, southeast of Petty

Windom Baptist Church

Windom United Methodist Church

The Tabernacle in Honey Grove

The Church Bell