Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Those Present.

At the annual roll call the following members of Alexander's regiment answered present:

M. A. Galbraith, Honey Grove, Company I; age 85.

W. J. Lewalling, Hunt County, Company E; age 78.

J. M. Fox, McGregor, Company G; age 80.

J. H. Kincaid, Dodd City, Company I; age 80.

J. H. Roderick, Dodd City, Company I; age 85.

John Bacon, Denton, Company E; age 76.

J. G. Walsh, Sherman, Company H; age 72.

T. R. Burnett, Dallas, Company I; age 78.

S. H. Fox, McKinney, Company G; age 78.

J. P. Loving, Sherman; Company H; age 79.

From other commands:

W. H. Cobb, Dodd City, Company H, 9th Texas; age 80.

J. H. Whitsett, Dodd City Shelby's Command, age 67.

J. Q. Thompson, Honey Grove, post commissary; age 83.

J. W. Jones, Honey Grove, Chambers battalion; age 88.

J. M. Williamson, Honey Grove, Hood's battalion; age 83.

George A. Carpenter, Honey Grove, Stevens Regiment; age 74.

W. Underwood, Honey Grove, Stevens Regiment; age 74.

J. F. McFarland, Ladonia, Williams Company; age 67.

M. C. Word, Windom, Company A, Stevens regiment; age 71.

Uncle Ike Willis

Ex-Confederates Do Battle at the Festal Board.

The Occasion was the Celebration of

M. A. Galbraith's Eighty-Fifty Anniversary