Honey Grove Signal, Nov. 23, 1894.

  "Honey Grove received 24,000 bales of cotton and expected from 4,000 to 5,000 more bales before the close of the season."

Honey Grove Signal, February 5, 1987

"Honey Grove has received this season 21,300 bales of cotton, and as several farmers have cotton on hand yet, it is pretty safe to say that the total receipts will reach 22,000 bales.  Name your town that can beat this."

Honey Grove Signal, March 11, 1910

  "The cotton season is practically over, although a few bales were ginned and sold this week.  The season's receipts, including linters, is about 12,200 bales.  While comparatively a small crop, it was the most profitable crop of cotton since 1900."

Texas Citizen, February 17, 1911

  The compress had closed down after compressing, 32,628 bales of cotton.

August 12, 1912

  The first bale of cotton of the season arrived in Honey Grove Saturday afternoon, having been raised by J.C. Humphrey.  It bought 12c per pound.

Honey Grove Signal, September 4, 1925

  Cotton is being rapidly and marketed rapidly.  Most of the farmers have all the pickers they needed, and some of the farmers on the upland are nearing done picking.  Since last week's report receipts in Honey Grove have averaged nearly 350 bales a day, more than 2,000 bales having been marketing in the six days.  Up to Wednesday night 3935 bales had been sold and weighed in Honey Grove.

  The market has fluctuated considerably this week, with several declines and a few advances.  Prices now range from 22 to 23 1/4 cents.

The information on the right is from the November 28, 1913 Honey Grove Signal.  Note that it gives the receipts up to the last week of November.  This is not the total for any year, because often cotton was received even into the next calendar year for the season.  However, it is a very useful compilation.

Additional information is below, and we will be adding to this as more information is available.

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