Honey Grove court records from the early times are called various names.  We have scanned volumes from 1896-1905.

​The first volume we have scanned, for the period 1896-97, is named "Mayor's Docket."

These documents are very interesting, and contain 1 page for each offense under the name of the individual convicted of the offense.

In this example, Moses Williams is convicted of "hanging on moving train" and is fined $5.00 plus court costs. As there are many instances of this offense, this may have been persons trying to illegally get a ride on a train.  Other common offences are assault, disturbing the peace, gaming, drunkenness, theft, abusive language, selling liquor, unlawfully carrying a pistol, vagrancy and prostitution.  Many offenses resulted only in fines, but some result in jail time.

​The Second Volume begins with November 22, 1897 and ends with January 21, 1901.  It has 618 pages.

​The Third Volume (Corporation Court Criminal Docket) begins with January 21, 1901 and ends with October 3, 1901.  It has 314 pages.

The Fourth Volume (Corporation Court Criminal Docket) begins with October 3, 1901 and ends with April 28, 1902.

The next Flickr album contains the Fifth Volume (Corporation Court Criminal Docket) and 6th Volume.  Part 1 of the Fifth Volume is from April 26, 1902 through October 20, 1902.   Part 2 for 1902-1903, the Sixth Volume, is from October 18, 1902 to August 18, 1903.  This Sixth Volume is in the same Flickr album as the Fifth Volume.

The Seventh Volume contains items for August 24, 1903 through March 23, 1905.

Honey Grove Court Docket

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