Report of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Honey Grove for the year 1899.

Dupee Lane

Sally Lesnett

L. C. LaMaster

Mezzie Lovelace

B. G. W. Larrison

T. S. Larrison

Mary Larrison

Edna Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Mary V. Miller

Josie Wilson Miller

J. B. McKee

Mary F. McKee

Joe McKee

Mary McKee

C. W. McKee

Mattie J. McKee

Maude May McKee

David McKee

Maude Myer

John McCleary

Emma McCleary

B. S. McCleary

Lillian McCleary

Floria Milliken

Anna B. Moore

J. K. Parker

Daisy V. Parker

J. B. Pirtle

Jeff Pirtle

Sarah Pirtle

Mattie Walcott

W. R. Walcott

Jennie Walcott

Bertie May Walcott

Estella Zinnecker

Herman Zinnecker

T. C. Provine

Lou Provine

Ida T. Piner

R. T. Piner

S. A. Price

Pearl Provine

Ella M. Poston

Ella Poston

J. H. Robnett

Josie Robnett

Ella Rutherford

Nina Rutherford

J. R. Scott

M. M. Shirley

Emma Shirlely

Stella Shirley

M. Dupee Smith

T. B. Spelce

Mary Spelce

W. N. Sadler

Nancy A. Sadler

James Stephens

John B. Stephens

Mattie B. Stephens

Nancy Ann Stephens

S. K Taylor

W. S. Thomas

Lucy B. Thomas

Dora Vannoy

Eliza Wilson

Elbert Wortham

Ida Wortham

Lucy Wood

R. M. Waugh

Ada Waugh

Frederick Zinnecker

Loyd Zinnecker

W. C. Zinnecker

Church History

The Cumberland Presbyterian


Honey Grove, Texas

Fannin County, Texas


W. E. Dial

Alice Dial

Ida Dial

Ella Dial

P. R. Fryar

Sam B. tryer

W. T. Fetter

Sally Forshee

Howell Finley

Wm. Gambill

D. I. Galbraith

Stanley Galbraith

Victor Galbraith

Mary Galbraith

Elbert Gauldin

H. C. Gill

Mary Gill

Maude Gill

John Gill

Hugh Gill

Mary L. Gibson

Bessie Green

A. P. Gizzard

Sarah Gizzard

Nannie B. Gissard

Mary E. Gizzard

W. L. Hales

Mattie E. Hales

E. P. Hicks

H. P. Jones

C. D. Jones

H. R. Kirk

Ella Kirk

W. T. Lane

W. H. Lane

Marry A. Lane


H. P Allen

Ollie Allen

Luther Allen

Mary W. Allen

Cynthia Allen

T. D. Ayers

W. B. Ayers

Ida E. Ayers

Cleo Abner

T. R. Baird

Sally Baird

Mamie Brocker

J. S. Boone

Emma C. Boone

J. D. Boone

Hattie Boone

Walter E. Boone

Lou Betty Steel

Wallace Boone

Jennie M. Barr

J. D. Bedford

Dixie Brown

J. L. Brown

Lee Brown

Jasper Broan

Mary E. Brown

George D. Brown

Nicie B. Barnum

L. M. Brode

Bertha Brode

W. B. Cooper

Leslie Clay

G. C. Derrick

M. V. Derrick

V. V. Derrick

Maggie E. Bedford

L. Annie Land

Elizabeth Lane

Pastors Having Served the

Cumberland Presbyterian Church,

Honey Grove, Texas

R. M. Roudolph - 1858-1860

A. J. Haynes -      1860-1861

C. J. Bradley -      1861-1862

L. D. Piner -         1862-1866

W. A. Williams -   1866-1870

S. W. McKee -      1870-1874 

R. F. James -        1874-1878

M. Y. Brockett-     1878-1880

S. W. McKee-       1880-1881

R. W. Benge-        1881-1884

W. B. Witherspoon 1884-1888

A. L. Barr-             1888-1899

J. S. Groves-         1899-1906 

A Church Roll

Prepared by Rev. A. L. Barr

February 2, 1896                      

October 2, 1895 [1894]

Whereas it appears from the great need for a percentage for this congregation and believing that now is the opportune time to put forth such an effort to build such a house, that we now . . . elect a building committee.

May 3, 1895

We the building committee bought a lot - - - on the corner of Main and 11th streets, and caused to be erected thereon, a cottage building of five rooms and attic as per plans and specifications by drawn and donated by Messrs Moad and Flanders, architects, Dallas, Texas. . . . a home for the pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Honey Grove.

Rev. J. S. Groves began his ministry in this church May 1, 1899.

August 7, 1899

The Session agreed to purchase all of the property south of the church lot to the P. M. Price lot from G. F. J. Stephens.

May 30, 1883

Trustee, J. E. Boone, reported have a conference with the trustees of the Baptist Church, and effected an order for the sale of said property, the same being a Union Church House, set the sale for the 16th day of June, 1883.

June 16, 1883. 

The Union Church House, of this place, was sold at public outcry to the Baptist Church for $600.00

May 4, 1884

The first material was placed on the lot July 4, 1883.  The contract according to plan and specifications by Joseph Scott, Architect, was let to J. S. and J. B. Boone, July 18, 1883.  The ground plan was 26 x 52 feet.  The work was completed as per contract about April 1, 1884. . . The funds have been raised by a purely voluntary plan of contributions.

In account received on lot, house, pews furniture  $1816.42

The house of worship being complete it was ordered that it would be dedicated to God for His Worship.  Whereupon on May 11, 1884 was the time appointed for said dedication.

Board of Trustees:  J. S. Boone, R. T. Piner, J. H. Robinett.

Committee to solicit subscriptions:  J. H. Robinett, Emma C. Boone, Miss. Dupee Lane.

Committee on Building:  W. A. Dial, R. T. Piner, J. N. Ellis, J. T. Allen, and David Drennan.

Dec. 10, 1881

On motion the Trustees were instructed to purchase a lot 40 x 65 feet of Mrs. Fryer, East of the public square, for $125.00.

July 11, 1880

The M. E. Church South, having sold its interest in the Union Church to the Baptists, it is agreed to by the three denominations, i.e. Baptists, Christians and Cumberland Presbyterians, the present owners of the said property through their trustees, to repair the said house, Therefore be it resolved:

1.  That we raise 1/4th of the required amount, supposed to be $600.00.

. . . .

We have gleaned from the old mutilated record the following historical facts:

That the church was organized by Rev. R. M. Rudolph in February, A. D. 1858, and that brothers S. Sloan and Orville Smith were elected Ruling Elders; that brother Smith was ordained.

That the ministerial services of Rev. R. M. Rudolph were procured for one year . . that the services of Rev. A. H. Haynes was procured for two years . . the services of Rev. C. J. Bradley were procured for one year.

(The Presbyterian Church was meeting in the old Union Church in which they owned a share.)

. . . 

. . . 

We find the following names of persons on the old church book who have moved beyond our bounds without letters of dismission viz,

Zurilla Cole                     J. T. Parker

P. E. Pullman                  Charles Fields

Agnes Baird                     E. Dudley

Catherine Vanoz               J. C. Cunningham

Wm. H. Vanoz                Mrs. James Morehead

Thos. Vanoz                   Miss. Sarah Cunningham

Heney Vanoz                   Mrs. J. C. Cunningham

We also find on the book the names of several worthy members who have been removed by death. They are:

O. Smith                            H. McGill

Elizabeth Rudolph                Jennie Woodson

Wm. Baker                         E. J. Pullman

The following names have been inserted by the authority of the Session.

Martha Smith                      Mary Stobaugh

Mary Lane                          J. B. Anderson

Margaret Smith                    Nancy Anderson

John T. Allen                      Sam'l McGill

Czinthia Allen                      D. E. McGill

B. S. Sloan                          Susan C. McGill

Amanda Pierce                    Olivia McGill

Mary Baker                         Sofronia McGill

James Aston                        Sencinda McGill

Joseph Aston                       Leslie Allen

Clarissa Aston                     Sara E. Provine

Wm. Aston                         Elizabeth Guthrie

Elizabeth Bridge                   A. P. Grizzard

Harriet Baker                       Sara E. Grizzard

A. C. Pickens                      A. Z. Massengale

Emma D. Pickens               Mattie J. Provine

Charles McKee                   R. M. Rudolph

Ara Bell McKee                   Nancy Rudolph


This church history is dedicated to the Elders and Deacons who are mentioned below and to the members of the church whose names are printed in the closing pages of this work, together with all of the older members of the church who have either moved away or who have gone on to their final reward, who have made the Main Street Presbyterian Church what is is today.

Elders:                                                      Deacons:

H. L. Allen  (Clerk)                                    J. F. Black

Sam Dial                                                   C. R. Fiquet

C. H. McCleary                                          G. D. Carlock, Jr.

Sam Wise                                                 Robert Lockhart

G. M. Ohr                                                R. M. McCleary (Treasurer)

C. B. Trout                                               Martin Ohr, Jr.

Ben Shelton                                              H. M. Smith

Dan Baker                                                S. M. Ford

E. G. B. Shelton                                        Joe Wise

T. G. Lane                                               G. B. Baker

Sam Lane

Dr. H. B. Savage

The Main Street Presbyterian Church


Honey Grove, Texas


Rev. Edgar H. Graham, Pastor

Presbyterian Church History

Cumberland Presbyterian in Honey Grove

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