Honey Grove Preservation League

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C. E. Fite                                1930-1934

H. H. Gray                              1935

Leslie Evans                            1936-37

James Landes                          1937-1940

S. M. Mulkey                          1940-1942

Charles Myers                          1943

Charles Duncan                       1943-1945

W. L. Warren                          1945-1946

S. M. Mulkey                           1946-1947

Marlin Hicks                            1947-1949

James Gasgow                         1949-1951

Kermis Frost                            1951-1953

Harold Rowland                        1954

Carroll Shaw                            1954-1957

James Graham                          1957-1960

Larry Baker                               1960-1963


Dial Baptist Church


Compiled by

Mary Anne Thurman

Dial Baptist Church Pastors

1893-Present (2009)

J. M. Stewart                                 1893

________Jenkins                            1893

P. H. Sweeney                               1893-1895

C. B. Hammett                               1898

S. D. Huston                                  1900-1903

J. M. Word                                    1904-1906

________ Andes                             1907

S. S. Crain                                     1908-1912

A. P. West                                     1912-1914

John Gillespie                                 1915-1918

J. C. Perser                                    1919-1920

W. L. Brumlow                               1920-1921

H. H. Chffee                                   1921-1922

S. S. Crain                                     1922-1930                        

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Dial Baptist Church

The photo is of the Church building at Pecan Gap.

It was torn down, moved and rebuilt at Dial.

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History of the Dial Baptist Church


Book I

May 1893-July 1904

The first minutes found in church records are dated May 24, 1893.  The name of the church at that time was Pleasant Home Baptist Church.  The church held services in the Dial School building until the early years of 1900.

The first minutes note that preaching was by Elder Jenkins, prayer by D. J. Morgan.  The church went into conference and one "Sister" was received as a candidate for baptism.  There being no further business, the conference adjourned.  The July, 1893 minutes note that a letter was written asking for admittance into the association.  Three messengers were elected to attend the Associational meeting.  They were Brothers Rucker, Lee, and Neagle.  D. J. Morgan was the church clerk.

In the August, 1893 minutes, the resignation of Bro. Stewart as pastor was received.  Elder Jenkins was moderator, D. J. Morgan was clerk.  The September minutes note that elder P. H. Swinney was elected pastor for a year.

With the October, 1893 minutes, the name of the church started being listed as Pleasant Hill, instead of Pleasant Home.  At this meeting, Sister Annie Williams was baptized and received into our fellowship.

D. J. Morgan resigned as clerk in November, 1893, and R. L. Smith was elected to fill his place.  Other members noted in the minutes as coming into the church in 1893 were W. L. Longan, Lucy and Nannie Longan, and J. H. Garvin.

Names of First Members in Minute Book

Note:  It was very hard to read the early writing, so some spellings may not be correct.


H. E. Vaughen                                J. W. Skinner

W. G. Lee                                      N. A. Rucker

J. C. Crow (dismissed Nov. 1894)

L. D. Covington                              J. H. Rucker

R. L. Smith (dismissed Nov. 1894)

E. W. Neagle

D. L. Morgan (dismissed Nov. 1893)

C. L. Rucker                                  John G. Rucker

W. H. Longan by letter Nov. 1893 (dismissed Mar. 1893)

J. H. Garvin by letter Dec. 1893

Charles Mashburn by letter Apr. 1894

G. T. Smith by letter May 1894 (dismissed Nov. 1895)

D. A. Neagle by letter Apr. 1894 (dismissed Nov. 1895)

Spurgeon Martin by letter Apr. 1894 (dismissed Mar. 1895)

John Roden by letter Apr. 1894 (dismissed July 1894)

M. W. Pittman by letter July 1894 (dismissed July 1894)

Frank Anderson by letter July 1894

J. H. McQueen by letter July 1894

Claud Fry by letter July 1894 (dismissed Nov. 1895)

W. P. Robinson by bap. July 1894 (dismissed July 1895)

A. H. McQueen by letter July 1895 (dismissed Nov. 1895)


Sarah Vaughn                                  Mrs. J. W. Skinner

Betty Lee                                         N. J. Rucker

Caroline Crow dismissed Nov. 1894

A. H. Covington

B. R. A. Smith dismissed Nov. 1894

C. Della Smith dismissed Nov. 1894

Tenna Smith dismissed Nov. 1894

S. W. Wodard dismissed by letter

N. D. Young                                     Alice Cunningham

L. E. Wodard

Annie Williams by baptism Oct. 1893 (dis. April 1895)

Lucy Longan by letter Nov. 1893 (dis. Mar. 1895)

C. N. Dray

Bernise Lyday by baptism May 1894

L. A. Smith by letter May 1894 (dis. Nov. 1895)

F. A. Neagle by letter Apr. 1894 (Nov. 1895)

M. E. Roden by letter July 1894

Beulah Anderson by letter July 1894

Leunia E. Fry by letter July 1894 (dis. Nov. 1895)

Mollie McQueen by letter July 1894

Ella Mashburn by letter July 1894

Josephine Garland by letter Jan. 1895 (dis. Nov. 1895)


The minutes in April state that the "Missionary" Baptist Church worshiping at Pleasant Hill met in conference.  It is interesting to note the different way the church was named by the different clerks.  Persons listed in the minutes as coming into the church were Charles Mashburn from Munford, Alabama; Spurgeon Martin from the Missionary Baptist Church at Mr. Pleasant, Mississippi; D. A. & F. A. Neagle; Miss Berice Lyday; J. T. Smith & wife; L. H. Smith; John Roden & wife, M. E. Roden from Fronaton, Alabama.

A revival was held in July, 1894,  Listed as coming into the church as a result of that meeting were: Claud Fry & wife, J. H. McQueen & wife Mable, "all of Prairie Grove Baptist Church", Frank Anderson & wife from Cleburn County, Alabama, M. W. Pitman, Sister Mashburn, Bro. Robinson, Mary E. Lee.

Letters of dismission were granted to J. C. Cross & wife, R. L. Smith & wife and two daughters Della and Tinne Smith.

There is an interesting comment in the September, 1894 minutes.  To quote:  "Bro. Vaughn stated that he had been requested by young Bro. Robinson to say to the church that a few weeks ago he communioned with the Presbyterian Church at this place and at the time he was not aware that it was contrary to the practice and principles of the Baptist Church,a s well as the teaching of God's word."


The year 1895 started off with Mr. P. H. Swinney shown as moderator and J. W. McQueen as clerk.  The March minutes noted that the roads were so rough that the pastor could not come. The June minutes recorded that it was decided to hold a "protracted meeting" the week following the 3rd Sunday in July and invite Bro. C. B. Goodman to assist in holding the meeting along with Bro. Swinney.


The next noted minutes in the book were dated April, 1896, with preaching by Rev. J. H. "Talor."  The minutes then skip to April, 1898.  A Bro. Hamett was shown as being elected pastor.  The preaching that day was by Bro. Will Hamilton.  A letter of dismission was granted to Sister Catie Stewart.  Clerk was W. G. Lee.


May 21, 1898, preaching was by Bro. Goodman. Brother Lee and Brother F. J. Smith were chosen as deacons. Chosen as clerk was L. D. Shifflett, Jr.


The minutes then skip to July 27, 1900.  The church was listed in the minutes as the Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  Brothers J. B. Lillie, James Melton, and John Teague were elected as messengers to the Association meeting held at High Prairie.  Preaching was by Bro. J. H. tailor.  Moderator was Bro. J.W. Sumner and clerk was W. D. Hamilton. That month there were twenty united to the church, six by letter, fourteen by baptism.  Bro. S. L. Huston was called to serve in September, 1900.


Chosen as delegates to the Associational meeting were Bro. Wiley Johnston, J. W. Melton, G. W. Lee, Alt. W. M. Womack, Bro. S. D. Huston was re-elected to serve as pastor.  A collection was taken for the association minutes in the amount of $1.00, minister's relief fund, $2.00, Buckner's Orphan's Home, $2.25, and Associational Mission, $.25.


On August 23, 1902 a list was made of members, with the amounts that they pledged to pay for the pastor's salary.  They are as follows: G. M. Nunnley, $5.00; W. M. Womack, $10.00; J. W. Melton, $10.00; John A. Teague, $8.00; W. Y. Lambertt, $5.00; F. J. Smith, $5.00; Miss Harvy Avery, $2.00; W. L. Hamilton, $2.50; Annie H. Covington, $5.00; John Wells, $5.00; B. B. Wells, $5.00; Jim Smith, $2.00; J. B. Lillie, $10.00; J. A. Grubbs, $4.00; Q. W. Lee, $7.00; Birdie West, $2.50; Martha West, $1.00.

W. D. Hamilton was elected clerk and treasurer.  The minutes note: "Charges was prefured against B. Joe Rowland and a committee appointed to see Bro. Rowland."

In the October meeting: "The case of Joe Roland was called, the church withdrawing fellowship from him."  G. W. Nunnelley was elected clerk and treasurer.  They voted to hold communion service twice a year, in October and May.


The May 23, 1903 minutes show that a motion passed to change the name of the church to the Dial Baptist Church.

Bro. Houston was rel-elected as pastor in July, 1903 for one year.  Delegates to the Fannin County Association meeting at Selfs were elected.  They were Bro. Houston, Bro. Lillie, Bro. Wiley Johnson as alternate.


Delegates to the associational meeting held at Gober were Bro. Lee, Bro. Lilley, and Mr. Wyley Johnson, with Bro. John Wells as alternate.

The last minutes in the book are not dated, but were for a July meeting, possibly 1905.  Delegates were elected at that meeting to an associational meeting. Alternates were Tom Lilley, W. M. Womack.  The church elected Bro. J. M. Word as pastor for the following year.  A call for ordination of Bro. John M. Word was made.

The last church foll listed in the first book is as follows:

John Roden                                         Sarah Vaughn

G. W. Lee                                           Bettie Lee

F. J. Smith                                          Mary E. Lee

W. D. Hamilton                                    Stella Lee

George Roden                                      A. Covington

James Roden                                        Birdie Lillie

Charley Covington                                Dollie Hamilton

L. D. Covington                                   Sussie Kyle

J. B. Lillie                                            Bettie Smith

Barnet Lillie                                          N. M. Smith

Thomas Lillie                                        Maggie Hamilton

John Teague                                         Lon Smith

John Avery                                          S. W. Woodard

James Melton                                       C. N. Bray

W. M. Womack                                    M. C. Roden

William Womack                                   M. A. Teague

W. J. Land                                           S. D. Lillie

Ben Lillie                                              M. C. Ward

Fred Milton                                           Necie Avery

Cleave Melton                                       Martha Avery

Joe Rowland                                         F. M. Milton

Johnie Teague                                       Texas Teague

Wiley Johnson                                       Hattie E. Womack

J. S. Buttram                                         N. E. Womack

B. B. Wells                                            L. C. Land

John Wills                                             Jimmie Land

G. M. Nunnelley                                    Alace Land

D. W. Haywood                                    Nellie Thompson

Jim Smith                                             Cele Land

Ollie Grubs                                           Fannie McKnight

Gascal Grubs                                        Bell Thompson

Lonzo Wells                                          Emma Lillie

Lizzie Woodard                                     Ollie Woodard

Imer Woodard                                       Mittie Buckelew

Sarah E. Ingrum                                    Louvenie Johnson

C. S. Buttram                                        Elizabeth Wells

Rosey Wells                                          Minnie Wells

Sarah Wells                                           Claudia Wells

Docia Munn                                          Willie Land

Ella Haywood                                         Bettie Womack

Fannie Wells                                          Fahance Grubs

Harvy Avery                                          Maude Lee

Ola Walker                                            Eva Walker

Tennie Myers                                         ____ Nunnelley

Annie Covington                                     Ida Hester

Some 1906 financial notes states that Bro Word was paid $14.65, and Br. Smith $13.65 for holding a meeting.  A total of $1.25 was given for Home and Foreign Missions.

A last entry in Book I is an Associational Letter, which is not dated.  It was the time S. D. Huston served as pastor, and listed his salary for the year at $60.00.  The present membership at that time was 55.

Book II

The next minute book starts with the minutes recorded on August, 1905.  They note that Tom Lilley was elected as clerk.  Bro. W. G. Lee was elected as a board member to meet and help transact business with the Fannin Executive Board of the Fannin Association.  Elected to assist him with church business were Joohn Wells and Will Womack.  The minutes noted that the year closed with 25 conversions and 11 additions to the church.

In October, Tom Lilley was elected church treasurer.  J. M. Word was the moderator of the meeting.


Elected in July as delegates to the Associational meeting to be held in Bailey were J. W. Melton, W. M. Womack, T. J. Lilley.  Alternatives were W. G. Lee, J. R. Avery, and J. W. Johnson.  In August, Bro. J. M. Word appointed a committee to see who they could get to preach for the next year.


The net minutes were in February, 1907, and noted that the church was without a pastor.  In September Bro. Andes was called as pastor.  J. W. Melton was elected clerk.  The sermon was by a Bro. McClerken.  Statistics given were 74 members, 6 baptized, non dismissed, non excluded, none dead.  Money paid out was 10.00.


In October Bro. S. S. Crain was elected as pastor, there being no mention of what happened to Bro. Andes.  The church agreed to pay Bro. Crain $75.00 a year, starting in December.


In August a Sunday School was organized.  The following officers were elected: J. W. Melton, superintendent; teacher of the first class, Lee Richardson; second class, Mrs. Lilley; third class, J. C. Melton; fourth class, Mrs. Martha West; fifth class, Miss Annie Hall.

A committee was appointed to confer with Bagby church on uniting.  It was later reported that they did not do anything, and the committee was released.  They then elected a Purchasing & Building Committee on the erection of a church building.  Appointed to that committee were: J. B. Lilley, W. G. Lee, and W. M. Womack.

A church history written at an unknown date stated that the Lone Pecan Church at Bagby joined the Dial Church because of their small membership, and that the Deacons of the Lone Pecan Church were recognized as such by the Dial Church.  Apparently this action was not noted in the minutes.

At the next business meeting, a finance committee to raise money for the expenses of building a church was appointed.  On that committee were: J. W. Melton, Lee Richardson, W. M. Womack, S. S. Crain, Miss Annie Hall, Miss Emmer Lilley, Mattie Lee, Ollie Melton, Mrs. J. B. Lilley, Mrs. Martha West, F. M. Melton, and Mrs. Shelton.

The November meeting showed a report given on progress to obtain a building.  The minutes stated that "a church house at Pecan Gap bought and paid for $120.00.  Place selected to build the church on Brother Lee's land, also shingles bought to cover the house and on the ground."  Brother J. W. Melton was selected as foreman of tearing down, moving and rebuilding the building.


In March a date was set for the second Sunday in April to dedicate the new building.  A committee composed of W. G. Lee, J. B. Lilley, J. W. Melton and Will Taylor was selected to purchase an organ for the church.  Other histories recorded that the building would seat 350, and was valued at $3,000.  The dismantled building was hauled from Pecan Gap by wagon to Dial and then rebuilt.

April 9, the newly erected building was dedicated.  The dedicatory sermon was by Rev. S. S. Crain, with an address by J. M. Word.  Rev. Crain was serving the church in a fourth-time capacity.  That evening new Deacons were ordained.  The Presbytery was composed of Rev. Bonnie Grimes, Rev. L. L. Price, Deacons W. G. Lee, R. F. Wishard, and Charley Temple.  The ordination service was by Bro. Bonnie Grimes.  The following were ordained as Deasons: J. W. Melton, W. C. Taylor, and J. L. Richardson.  That year also saw a regular time set up for communion, being the second Sundays in May and September.


The year 1911 was apparently a calm year, with no business out of the ordinary. W. C. Taylor was elected as the new clerk, replacing J. W. Melton, Bro. S. S. Crain was again re-elected as pastor, as he also was in November, 1912.

There were no minutes for 1912.  The minutes of June, 1914 stated that the sermon that day was by Pastor A. P. West.  Bro. Crain was again re-elected pastor in November, 1914, but in December he declined the call.  Bro. A. P. West was then called.  The date for calling the pastor was changed from December 1 to January 1.

There is a gap in the minutes,the last minutes in Book II being for April 1920.

The financial records in the book show that church members would sign and pledge an annual amount for the pastor's salary.  In the 1909-1910 church year, pledges ranged from $20.00 to $1.00 for the year.  Expenditures that year included 10 gallons of coal oil at $1.50, a lamp for $1.50, and lamp globes.  Song books were purchased for $9.10.

A note stated that there was $11.77 left after building the church and paying for the organ.  They gave $5.60 to the Pecan Gap Church.

J. H. Taylor was paid $1.50 for being the sexton during 1913.  The amount in the church treasury at the end of 1912 was $2.66.  Given to Buckner's Orphan's Home was $8.15, County Mission $7.45.  W. G. Lee was reimbursed sixty cents for wine and ten cents for crackers and fifty cents for lamp mantles.

Financial records for 1916 show Rev. John Gillespie as pastor, as do records for 1917-1918.  In the 1919 records, J. C. Perser is shown as pastor; 1920 and 1921 show W. L. Brumlow as pastor.  Also shown for 1921 is Bro. H. H. Chaffee.

In the previously written history, it states that in 1921 Bro. Crain was again called and he served six or eight years as pastor.  During this term of service, the church began having half-time services instead of the previous fourth-time services.  The first annex to the church was built, which included the balcony and the Sunday School Rooms.

Book III

Book III does not contain any minutes.  It carried the church roll and has an undated Resolution of Respect written upon the death of W. G. Lee.  A copy of the Resolution was given to the family of Mr. Lee, and a copy sent to the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen.

There is a program from the Fannin County Association meeting held at Dial in March, 1925.  The pencil copy of the Associational Letter in the back of the record book is undated.  It shows C. L. Myers from the seminary in F. Worth as pastor, with meetings held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.  Membership was shown at 216.  Pastor's salary at $360.00 a year.  There were 4 baptisms, one revival and the Lord's Supper was observed once.  There were 15 in the B. Y. P. U. and 15 in the W.M.U.W.  C. Taylor was clerk and E. J. Covington was Sunday School Superintendent.  Clifton Wishard was treasurer, and L. R. Melton was choir director.

Bro. James Landes served as pastor of the church from 1937-1940.  The Training Union became an active organization of the church.  On the recommendation of Bro. S. M. Mulkey on April 6, 1947, the church voted to go full-time.

Book IV

There is a copy of a letter written to the congregation by the pastor, Rev. S. M. Mulkey, and dated April 6, 1947.  The letter outlines plans for the upcoming Eater Sunday.  It says that the service will be built around the Ark of the Covenant.  Every man, woman, and child was invited to make a covenant with God signifying that they would give of his best in a financial way to the Lord's work.  Members would place a covenant card signifying their financial pledge for the year in a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.  Everyone would receive a treasure chest containing envelopes to be used throughout the year.

Minutes of February, 1950, reflected that 50 feet of land, east of the church property,was given as a place to erect a parsonage by Miss Ella Lee.  Rev. J. C. Glasgow appointed a building committee composed of Quinton Hawkins, Ray Taylor and Charlie Charles.  In 1950 the present parsonage was built from a lumber which came from a school house purchased for $1.00.  Bro. James Glasgow was pastor at that time.

Copies of associational letters from 1948-1953 are in the book.  Total membership in 1948 was listed as 174.  Rev. Marlin R. Hicks was pastor.  Church clerk was Rayford Stroud, Sunday School Superintendent Frank Wishard, Sunday School secretary Raford Stroud.  The W.M.S. president was Edna Melton, and the W.M.S. secretary was Mrs. Mattie Carlock.  Delegates to the Associational meeting were Mr. & Mrs. Rayford Stroud, Mr. & Mrs. Cleve Melton, Mr. & Mrs. Charllile Charles.  Alternate were Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Carter and Mr. & Mrs. Zolie Hall.  The pastor's salary was $1,800.00 annually.

The 1952 letter notes that Rev. K. M. Frost was called on October 7, 1951.  L. R. Melton was church clerk.  Frank Wishard was Sunday School superintendent and John H. Wicks was Sunday School secretary.  Membership in 1953 was listed at 171.  The pastor's salary remained at $1,800.00 annually.

There are Bible School reports from 1949-1953.  The earlier history noted that the first Vacation Bible School was held in 1948 under the direction of Rev. Marlin Hicks.  The second annex to the church was added at the time.  Enrollment in 1949 was 54, with average attendance of 48 and profession of faith.  Enrollment in 1953 was 45, with average attendance of 43.  The year 1950 saw enrollment of 95, with average attendance of 74.

A total of $20.00 was given to the cooperative Program in the 1951-52 church year, with $5.00 being given to the Foreign Mission, $7.00 to State Missions, $47.00 to Home Missions and $55.00 to Foreign Missions.

There were eight Sunday School classes listed for the year 1952-1953.  Teachers were:  Beginners, Mrs. R. M. Charles; Primary, Mrs. Frank Boehler; Junior Boys, Mrs. Cleve Melton; Junior Girls, Mrs. C. F. Wishard; Intermediates, Mrs. Earnest Joyce; Young Married People, Mrs. Edna Melton; Women, Mrs. Maude Campbell and Mrs. Mattie Carlock; Men, Mrs. Henry Wicks.

Song leader was Mrs. J. C. Witcher and pianist was James Melton, who took over upon the death of J. C. Melton.  Training Union teachers were Mrs. Boehler, Mrs. Edna Melton, Mrs. C. F. Wishard and Mrs. J. C. Witcher.  Director was Mr. J. C. Witcher, secretary was Hoyel Crouch.

Upon the October 1951 acceptance of the call to be pastor by Rev. Frost, it was noted that it would be necessary to furnish the parsonage.  It was stated that it would be necessary to buy a cook stove, refrigerator, two heaters, and some shades.  An offering of $55 was taken toward the purchases.

The minutes of February 5, 1952 noted that J. S. Speer wished to donate a bell to the church, and a motion passed to accept the gift.  The minutes of July 27, 1952 noted that the following came on profession of faith as of that date:  Mary Wicks, Myra Joyce, Juanita Hall, Gail Lyday, Sandra Lyday, Faye Lyday, Mary Bochler, Marthat Bochler, Eugene Thurman, James Melton, Barbara Melton, Clyde Jr. Cole, Billly Jo Cole, Mack Thurman, Phillip Bochler and Oliver Armstrong.  Mrs. Velma Cole came by statement of letter.

November, 1952 saw a call go out to the members for signed pledges for the amount that they thought they could give to retire a debt on the parsonage of $225.

An Easter time youth revival was held in 1953 with Bro. Harold Rowland from the Seminary as revival pastor.  Listed as coming on profession of faith as of April 5, 1953 were Shirley Jo Crouch, Delmar Carter and Johnny Thurman. On May 3, 1953, Mrs. W. R. Thurman cam from the Methodist Church in Pecan Gap to united with Dial Baptist Church.

The last minutes in this book noted that Bro. Frost read his letter of resignation, effective December 27, 1953.

The note on the parsonage was paid off by April, 1954.  Rev. Rowland stated that the floor of the church needed to be covered.  He go an estimate of $125, and suggested that the church start giving toward that goal.  The birthday money totaling $32.50 for the year was sent to Rev. & Mrs. Marlin Hicks, missionaries in Chile.

By January, 1955 the floor in the church was still not replaced.  Members were asked to sign pledges to work toward that needed repair.  A new wood floor was laid and varnished by March of 1955.

Joining the church during the July, 1955 revival were James Carpenter, Charles Thurman, Delbert Sessums, Johnny Miles, Linda Castle, Robert Charles, Jr., George Thurman, Sue Thurman, Mary Katherine Wall, Barbara Daugherty, Juanita Wall, and Magness Carter.

Elected as Deacons on November 13, 1955 were Ray Taylor, Charlie Charles, Frank Wishard and Louie Ray Melton.

A bathroom was installed in the parsonage in 1956, at a cost of $541.  The church voted to pay the registration fees for girls who would attend the Y.W.A. House Party at Baylor in 1958.

A letter from Buckner's Orphan's Home dated May 6, 1959, thanked the church for the donation of 90 dozen eggs.  The minutes of March, 1959, noted that Rev. & Mrs. Shaw would go to Richmond, Va.  To be commissioned as foreign missionaries to Africa, The Shaws became the second couple who had served at Dial and would become foreign missionaries.

The G. A.'s were active in 1959.  They presented a program and served refreshments at the Page Nursing Home.  Average attendance in March, 1959 for G. A.'s was 8, Y.W.A's was 7.

In 1959 the church expressed its appreciation to Rep. James Turman for trying to pass a bill to outlaw the Health Resort (nudist colony) in Fannin County.

A Hawaiian Luau was held February 15, 1964 to honor the Seniors.  Programs contained the menu, along the words to the songs "Blue Hawaii" and "Now is the Hour."  Rev. David Uhl was pastor at this time.

In 1965 the church voted to construct the present building, consisting of sanctuary and education space totaling 2,640 square feet, at a cost of just under $18,000.00  The note on the building was made with the First National Bank of Honey Grove for $10,000.00, and that note was retired 21 months later.

The building was not something that was hastily conceived and built.  Bro. J. H. Graham wrote a letter to the members in May, 958, outlining plans to build in the next four or five years.  He noted that a building fund had been started, with Mr. Clifton Wishard as chairman.  A letter from Rev.Larry Baker, dated February 6, 1962, was written to the Deacons.  In the letter he stated that a time of decision had come, and that the church needed to move forward with its plans for a new building.  Minutes of an October, 1956 building committee meeting record that they met with the contractor, Pickle Brother of Greenville, to look over the plans.  The plans was unanimously accepted. Rev. James Heflin was the pastor at that time.

As we can see, God was moving in a slow, but steady manner to carry out his plans for Dial Baptist Church.  Progress now moved at a much faster pace, with many committees set up to see that the building was built and furnished properly.  The main building committee was composed of twelve members.  They were L. R. Melton, R. M. Charles, Henry Wicks, C. F. Wishard, Charlie Charles, Ray Taylor, Frank Wishard, Elmer Lair, J. C. Witcher, Delbert Sessums, Gerald Wishard and Earnest Joyce.

The Church Building Department of the Baptist General Convention of Texas made a gift of $500.00 to help with the building.

The building was dedicated on Sunday, May 1, 1966.  The message was delivered by the pastor, Rev. James Heflin, the prayer by Rev. James Graham.

Letters of congratulation, flowers, and gifts of money were given by the community.  Many memorials were given in honor of loved ones.

In 1967, our church contributed funds to help with the construction of the St. James Baptist Church.  Clothing was collected that year for hurricane victims in South Texas, and nine ditty bags, each containing nine items, were sent to soldiers in Vietnam for Christmas.  A new Baldwin piano was purchased for the church.

Our church hosted the Associational W.M.U. meeting on August 12, 1968, serving a meal at noon.

Four Deacons were ordained April 13, 1969. They were Delbert Sessums, John Wicks, Gerald Wishard, and R. M. Charles.

In 1970, a telephone was installed in the parsonage.  In 1971 the parsonage was paneled and ceiling tile installed.

July 16, 1972 a service was held to note the debt retirement of the church building note.  The pastor then was Rev. Thomas R. Owens.  The note was to be framed and placed in the church Library.

Rev. Dyar presented three R. A. boys with an athletic award in July, 1974.  They were Kenneth Wishard, James Wishard, and Jeff Barnett.  The R.A.'s and G.A.'s met together for a study, "Learning About My Church," led by Mrs. Dyar.  The adults were meeting with the Rev. Dyar in a study on marriage.

More renovations were made to the parsonage in 1976.  It was leveled and the kitchen, bedroom, bath and hall were paneled.

Three Trustees were selected in 1975 to take care of legal matters for the church.  They were Bill Thurman, John Wicks, and R. M. Charles.

The years from 1975 to 1981 were very routine.  Edna Melton had the church record microfilmed at the Baptist Historical Commission in Nashville in 1980.

A Church Membership Record Book covers from September 17, 1981 through August 26, 1984.  Ed Morris was church clerk during those years.  In 1982 there were 83 resident members, with total membership of 120.  These figures did not vary much through 1984.  John Wicks was treasurer, Delbert Sessums, Sunday School Superintendent, and Gerald Wishard, B. T. U. director during those years.  Rev. Bill Potter, who was called November 25, 1979, was pastor until July 4, 1982.  He was succeeded by Rev. Bryan Houser who was called October 10, 1982.  Average attendance for Training Union in December, 1981 was 15.

In 1981 the first repairs were needed for the sanctuary ceiling began to be discussed.  These repairs were finished in mid 1982.

The first discussion relative to building a fellowship building were held in November, 1982.  The building of a fellowship hall was detained by more needed repars to the church sanctuary ceiling and roof.  Those repairs cost over $6,000.00 and were done in 1983.

An ordination service was held February 27, 1983 to ordain Bryan Houser into the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.The Moderator was Fannin County Associational Missionary, Preston Manley.  The ordination sermon was given by Rev. Bobby Holt of First Baptist Church in Honey Grove.  The congregation presented a Bible to Rev. Houser.

A financial gift in 1983 by the B. F. Wishard family enable the church to purchase a set of Broadman Commentaries.  A revival was held in October, 1983, by Rev. Walter Allen.

Funds given in memory of Mrs. Ollie Melton were used to purchase 60 new Baptist Hymnals.  Balance of funds was to be furnished by the church as noted in August, 1984.

June 23, 1985 was designed as "Old fashioned Day" in observance of Church History Month.  Members came to church dressed in old fashioned clothing.  Old photos of church activities were on display.  A "dinner on the grounds" was held following the old fashioned worship service.  David Coleman was pastor at this time.

New siding was installed on the parsonage and new windows put in place in the summer of 1985.  Several members attended the Bill Gothard Conference in Dallas that summer.

In 1985 the Youth Choir of First Baptist Church in Benbrook presented a program at our church.  Rev. David Coleman was pastor at that time.  A copy of our church budget for the year 1986-87 showed a total budget of $16,405.00.

Rev. Annis Shorrosh, "the Liberated Palestinian," held a revival in November 1986.  It was a very different type of revival than had been held in the past.  Rev. Shorroshis the author of several books.

Joy Kay and Bill Thurman were ordained as Deacons on April 12, 1987.  An ordination service to ordain Scott Houser to the ministry was held on October 4,1987 at the church.  The message was preached by Scott's father, Rev. James Houser.

A Bible was presented to Mr. C. O. Charles in August, 1987.  This was in recognition of his 75th year as a member of Dial Baptist Church.

A "lock-in" for youth was held in November, 1989 at the Windom gym, while Rev. Michael Hamilton was pastor.

Loyd Cunningham was accepted as a Deacon in July 1990, having previously been a deacon at Immanuel Baptist Church in Paris, Texas.

Cushions were added to the pews in 1990.  Funds from memorial gifts were used to purchase the cushions.

The second mention of looking into the possibility of building a fellowship hall was recorded at a business meeting held June 30, 1993.  A metal building was started and was completed in time for the church's Centennial celebration.  The building houses a kitchen, storage area, baths, and fellowship area, that can also be used for classrooms.

Serving on the building committee were chairman Bill Thurman, Joe Kay, Hank Spruce, Katie Wicks, Robert Charles, Robert Thurman and Rev. Ken Pruitt.

The building was finished in time for the centennial.  A grant enabled the church to purchase the majority of the furnishings.  The note was paid off much earlier than anticipated due to generous donations and memorial gifts.

A Centennial observance of the church was held at the church on August 7 and 8, 1993.  A recognition and dedication service was held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, followed by supper in the fellowship hall, and a celebration service at 7 p.m. Pastors and former pastors taking part in the Saturday activities were Rev. Ken Pruitt, Dr. James Heflin, Rev. James H. Graham, Rev. S. M. Mulkey, Rev, Bill Potter, and Rev. Mike Hamilton.  Special music was by Corey Buller, Barbara Potter, and Theresa Barnett.  Katie Collins spoke about what the church meant to her.

A Sunday service at 10 a.m. featured music by Delbert Sessums and Cindy Hamilton.  Jusnita Wall told what the church meant to her.  The message was by Bro. Mulkey.  Mary Anne Thurman was the pianist.

The 11 a.m. service had letters read from former pastors and recognition of the oldest member by Rev. Ken Pruitt.  Barbara Ellis told what the church meant to her.  Special music was by Cindy Hamilton, and pianist was Wilma Heflin.  The message was brought by Dr. James Heflin.  A barbeque dinner prepared by the ladies of the church was served after the service.

The church lost some long-time members with the death of Edna Melton on December 24, 1997, and Louie Ray Melton on November 29, 1998.  Charlie and Mary Esther Charles both died on July 18, 1998.  Louie Ray and Charlie were Deacons.  Long-time Deacon Louie M. Page died September 8, 2009.  He was almost 98 years old.

Dial Baptist Church has a history of its pastors going to serve on the mission field, both here at home and in foreign countries.  Former pastors who served in foreign fields are Rev. Marlin Hicks, Rev. Carrol Shaw, Rev. Bryan Houser, and Rev. Scott Houser.  Rev. Hicks served in South America, and the others in Africa.  Rev. & Mrs. David Coleman served in the United States.

Training Union

There was an active Training Union in 1937-40 when Bro. Landes was pastor, with Mr. C. F. Wishard serving as director.  After Bro. Landes left the church, the Training Union ceased to function until 1946, when it was re-organized with Mrs. C. F. Wishard as director.  She served two years, then Hoyel Crouch because director and served until 1950, when Mrs. J. H. Wicks became director.  She served until 1951, followed by Mr. J. C. Witcher.  He served until 1955.  Frank Boehler followed Mr. Witcher and he served one year.  Delbert Sessums was elected in 1956 to follow Frank.  Delbert served until 1956 when Gerald Wishard was elected.  Ana Houser filled that position in 1988-89.  After the Houser's left, the Training Union became inactive.

Mission Work

According to Mrs. Mattie Carlock, the early mission organization of Dial Baptist Church was called Ladies Aid and Mrs. J. W. Melton served as president from 1914-1921.

Mrs. Edna Melton found in the Association Minutes that the organization was called W. M.S. in 1921.  The organization functioned until 1978.  It was re-organized in 1984, but failed to ever get off of the ground and was abandoned in 1985.  The advent of so many women working outside the home was the eventual cause for its failure.

During the 2001-2003 service to the church by pastor Wade Hopkins, a Christmas program was held titled "Catch the Christmas Spirit."  Featured on the program were Jimmie King, Amanda Hopkins, Jacob Little, Chelsea Cunningham, Allison Hopkins, Katy Cunningham, Stephanie Cunningham, Chelsea Pitcock, Avery Hopkins, Bob Wilkins, Denise Spruce, and Trudy Hokins.

In 1996 the annual church report listed 157 members, with 84 being resident members and a Sunday School enrollment of 65.  Total receipts were $23,249 and expenses were $19,669.  Alan Stoddard was ordained at Dial in 1997.  There were 220 total members, with 164 being resident members and average Sunday School attendance of 49.  There were 21 baptisms in 1998.  The 2000 annual report showed average Sunday School attendance of 46.  Kevin Humphrey was ordained that year.  In 2007 there were 7 baptisms, 214 total members, of which 162 were resident members, and average Sunday School attendance of 33.   Lance Smith was ordained to the ministry in 2007.

Delbert Sessums has served as Sunday School director for ___ years.  Mary Anne Thurman has served as pianist for over 25 years.

A constitution and by-laws was adopted on October 12, 2008.  The church was incorporated in 2009. 

Kevin Humphrey                                  2000-2001

Wade Hopkins                                     2001-2003

Harold Smith                                       2003-2008

Carl Reimold                                        2009-