Honey Grove, Ladonia, Windom and Wolfe City Telephone Directories

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1878-9 Texas Business Directory

Available at Familysearch.org.  It lists the following businesses for Honey Grove.  

Agricultural Implements:  Donaldson, J.S. & Co.

Blacksmiths:  Woodson, J.P.

Boot & Shoe Dealers:  Walcott, B. S. & Son

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers and Makers:  Frey, Chas.

Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods:  Brin, S. & H.; McKee, J. B.

Druggests: Bramlett, S. E.; Dailey, G. A.

​Dry Goods:  McKee, J. B.

General Merchants:  Brin, S. & H.; Underwood, W.; Wood, B. G. & Son; Walcott, B. S. & Son; Yarbrough, T. B.

Groceries:  Allen, J. R.; LaMaster, L. C.; McDonald, J. C.; Masters, L. C.; Patty, J. W. & Co.; Underwood, W.; Wood, B. F. & Son; Walcott, B. S. & Son

Hardware:  Sanders, J. C.

Harness Makers:  Barnett & Hale

Hat Makers:  Brin, S. & H

Lawyers:  Carpenter, G. A.; Wills, G. W.

Lumber Dealers:  Long & Gwaltney

Mills, Flour and Grist: Williams & Wilson 

Paints, Oils. Etc.:  Daily, Geo. A.

Stoves & Tinware:  Sanders, J. C.

Wheelwrights: Woodson, J. P.

1884 - Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory

Available at Familysearch.org

Agricultural Implements:  Burgher & Stephens; John Campbell

Bakers and Confectioners:  George Brehn; Newton Miller

Barbers:  C. F. Koehler; Samuel Reynolds; Cooper C. Still; Samuel Stull

Billiard Halls:  J. T. Boswell; Henry Meyers & Co.

Blacksmiths:  J. Fuqua; Rutherford Bros.; White & Yeager

Boots & Shoes:  C. B. Banks; B & S Malor

Carpenters, Contractors and Builders:  T. R. Baird, Robert Beard; Boon Bors.; J. B. Boon & Bro.; J. A. Coulter; Grank Gamble; H. O Gill; J. L. Heord; J. H. Huddle; R. H. Kirk; John Lynn; B. H. Myres; W. W. Orr; M. E. Parker; R. A. Rose; J. R. Scott; J. H. Smith; B. F. Yarbrough

Carriage and Wagon Makers:  H. S. Williams; S. M. Williamson

Colleges, Schools, etc.:  Walcott Institute

Confectionary, Fruits, etc.:  G. W. B. Larrison, Newton Miller, E. F. Wortham

Constable: Wm. Smith

Cotton Buyers:  Wm. C. Reed; A. L. Ward; W. D. Wilkins

Cotton Ginners:  M. B. Crowson; G. A. Dailey; Johnston & Guthrie; Walcott & Wilson

Dentists:  W. C. Crow; E. C. Eversole

Dressmakers:  Miss L.A. Bennett & Co.

Druggists:  G. A. Dailey; J. M. McKinstry; J. B. Ryan

Dry Goods:  J. H. Robnett; T. B. Yarbrough; Pierce, James P.

Express Agent: P. C. Cox

Farm Implements: John Campbell

Flour Mills:  M B. Crowson; G. A. Dailey; Johnson & Guthrie

Furniture Makers:  B. F. Barnum; Leeman & Rose; Pickens & Allen

General Stores:  John Campbell; J. B. McKee; J. J. Nesbitt; W. Underwood; W. D. Wilkins; T. B. Yarbrough

Grain Dealers:  Burgher & Go; Gwaltney & Bro.

Grocers (Wholesale):  Ballinger, Becson & Hutton; G. B. Larrison; Parhill & Irby; I. P. Pierce; J. P Pierce & Son; Rutherford & Harrell; W. C. Scott; G. F. Stanfield

Grocers (Retail): Ballinger, Becson & Hutton; G. F. Hanfield; W. J. Parkhill; J. P. Pierce; W. C. Scott; J. W. Toby

Hardware, Stoves & Tinware:  Burgher & Stephens, F. C. Fisher; Gamble, Rumbly & Pirtle; Gwaltney Bros. & Erwin

Hotels:  Ligon House (T. H. Ligon propr.); Planters' House (A. H. Mauldin); Smith Hotel (T. M. Coulter propr.); Yoeger House (W. B. Yoeger, propr)

Hides, Pelts & Furs:  J. R. Allen

Insurance Agents:  B. M. Burgher; J. A. Pierce

Justice of the Peace: W. H. Lemons

Lawyers:  T. A. Barron; George A. Carpenter; W. H. Gross; J. U. Owen; G. W. Wells

Live Stock Breeders:  Tank Holt; B. O. Walcott; W. C. Wood

Livery, Sale and Stables:  R. C. Bryan; Reed & McDaniel

Lumber:  Burgher & Co.; Gwaltney & Bro.

Marshal:  L. C. Lamaster

Meat Markers:  G. L. Smith; J. H. Speaker; John B. Kahn

Milliners:  Miss L. A. Bennett & Co.; Mrs. J. E. Ford; Mrs. M. L. Ford; Mrs. Bentley

Music Teachers:  Mrs. P. F. Hays; Mrs. Wm. Waltermire

Newspapers (Daily):  Honey Grove Independent, L. N. Hornbeck editor, W. W. Nornbeck, publisher

Newspaper (Semi-Weekly):  Independent

Nursery Agent: G. N. Bell

Painters (House & Sign): Rover W. Burnett

Photographers:  H. T. Hendrick

Physicians and Surgeons:  S. G. Bittick; W. T. Booth; S. E. Bramlette; A. H. Collins; G. A. Dailey; W. E. Dailey; V. A. Howeth; Joseph Meyer; L. B. Page; G. M. Pennybacker; F. E. Pope; J. M. Terry

Planing Mills:  Gwaltney, Galbraith & Co.

Real Estate;  Burgher Young

Restaurants:  H. P. Pipkins; J. E. Pipkins; Mrs. N. Reed

Saddle & Harness Makers:  J. B. Barnett; W. H. Lane; J. J. Lyons

Saloons:  J. T. Boswell; Charles Lewis; Henry Myres & Co.; O. T. Stephens; S. M. Stephens

Sash, Doors and Blinds:  J. T. Burgher & Co.

Sewing Machines:  G. A. Harrison

School Teacher: Sarah L. Bell; Mrs. Susan A. Ritcherson

Tailors:  W. Boliver; Wm. Leroy

Teachers:  Miss Dora Insley; Mrs. L. W. Kendall (teacher in drawing); J. S. Kendall; Pierce, J. L.; J. S. Price (prof high school); W. A. Wilborn (principal high school)

Telegraph operator: Edward A. Kellogg; Henry M. Sikes

Tinsmiths:  C. Bartholomew; J. J Erskin

Undertakers:  B. F. Barnum

Watches, Clocks and Jewelry:  H. Gardthausen; J. S. Neville

Planters and Growers in Fannin County are listed starting on page 861 of the book.

1890 Texas State Directory ​for Fannin County.

A transcription is available on the Fannin County GenWeb site.  

Scollard's 1899-1900 Honey Grove City Directory.  

The Scollard's 1899-1900 Honey Grove City Directory gives names, addresses and occupations of individuals as well as the names and in some cases advertisements for businesses.  Please note that at some point in time (which we have not yet determined) the street numbers were changed, and the street numbers on West Market and West Main, for example, started on 5th Street.  Therefore some research is needed regarding street numbers.  We hope to have more information on this in the future.  This document is from the Collection of the Estate of John and Thelma Black.

Scollard's 1899-1900 Ladonia City Directory.

1903.  Directory of Texas Industries.

Available at Familysearch.org.  It lists the following for Honey Grove.

Attorneys:  Armstrong, E. C., Baldwin, Jas. M., Carpenter, Geo., Gardner, S. H., Gross & Gross, Ragsdale, R. B., Wells, G. W., Wood, Eugene.

 Banks: First National Bank; capital, $125,000; W. Underwood, President; T. U. Cole, cashier. Planters National Bank; capital, $75,000; J. T. Holt, president; R. J. Thomas, cashier.

Insurance:  Cox, Mrs. Mollie E.;  Dailey, Geo. A.;  Easterwood, C. E.; Gross & Gross; La Master & Clay; Pierce, John A.; Reed, Miss Laura; Robnett, J. H.; Taylor, W. E.; Waltermire, W.; Jones, M. H.; Mayer, John D.; Reed, Laura; Ronaldson, W. L.; Wood, E. S.; Ragsdale, R. B.; Duncan, W. L.; LaMaster, L. C.; Pierce, John A.

Lumber:  De Balb Lumber Co., Lyon, O. T. & Sons.

Cotton See Oil Mills:  Honey Grove Cotton Oil Co.

Maloney's 1910-1911 Honey Grove City Directory

This City Directory is part of a larger volume that includes Bonham and many other Fannin County towns.  The pages for Honey Grove are near the end, 

Texas State Gazetter and Business Directory.  1914

Mary Anne Thurman reported the following from Merchants, Tradesmen and Manufacturers for Fannin County, Texas, 1920.  

Honey Grove - Population 2,642

Ballew, Henry - Racket Store
Beatty, Mrs. J. R. - Millinery
Black & Little - Drugs
Blocker, Eugene - Cotton
Brown, John L.  - Hardware
Brown, Walter  - Gin
Bryant, E. Q.  - Restaurant
Clark, W. T.  - Harness, Saddles & Auto Supplies
Day, G. W.  - Cotton
Diedrick, A. B. C.  - Confectionaries & News
Dryden Bros.  - Furniture
Erwin, L. E. - Confectionaries & Feed
Evans. G. A. & Son - Plumbing & Tinner
Everheart Co. - Jewelry
Fain, G. W. - Groceries
Farmers Gin Co. - Gin
George, T. E. - Tailor
Gilbert-Weaver Co. - Groceries & Feed
Gilmer, O. E. - Auto Accessories
Graves, W. F. - Bottler & Garage
Hammack, T. J., Jr.-  Dry Goods
Henley, J. R. - Variety
Holt Heights Water Co. - Water
Honey Grove Cotton Oil Co. - Compress
Hudson, T. C. - Tinner
Hubert, A. C. - Garage
Humphries, F. E. - Groceries
Jones & Brummett - Furniture
Lamaster, J. D. - Marble
Lane Bros. - Dry Goods
Lassiter. W. W. - Shoemaker
Little & Brice - Drugs
Loggin, Sam - Groceries
Lovell, L. T. - Groceries
Lyon-Gray Lumber Co. - Lumber

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory.  1890-91.

Available on FamilySearch.

McKinney Hardware Co.-  Hardware
Marr, J. M. - Blacksmith
Melton, James G.-  Tinner
Mertz, Miss Olivia - Millinery
Messerer, Fritz - Confectionary & Restaurant
Moyer, J. D. - Publisher
Neblett, Henry E. - Groceries
Nicholson & McFarland - Blacksmith
Palmer-Russell Motor Co.-  Autos
Perdue, Andrew J. - Groceries
Pirtle & Smart - Meat Market
Rhodes, J. I. - Gin
Robinson, J. E. - Tailor
Rowton Bros. - General Merchandise
Schreiber, C. M. - Jewelry
Schrieber, Mrs. C. M. - Millinery
Scott, W. C. & Son - Groceries
Sharp Brothers - Confectionary & Bakery
Shelton, R. A. - Groceries
Shipman, A. T. & Sons - Telephone Exchange
Sixth Street Drug Store - Drug Store
Smith, G. E. - Electric Merchandise
Smith & Johnson - Hardware
Starkey, Grover C. - Groceries
Steger Lumber Co. - Lumber
Thomas, Roy T. - Autos
Timmons, G. W. - Blacksmith & Garage
Trans-Continental Compress Co. - Compress
Trout Bros. - Groceries
Vaughn,  T. H. - Meat & Hotel
Wehrmann, L. R. & Son - Bakery
Wilkins, Wood & Patterson - General Merchandise
Williamson Co. - General Merchandise
Willson, J. A. - Groceries