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Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Louisiana Erwin Strentzel

Samuel Erwin's daughter Louisiana (Louise) left Honey Grove in 1849 to go to the Gold Rush in California with her husband John Strentzel.  In 1849 she wrote back to her family in Honey Grove and in 1866 she wrote a letter back to Honey Grove to her brother, Jack Erwin.  Learn more about the Strentzel family and read the letters.

In 1892 Louisiana (Louise) Erwin Strentzel, when she was 71 years of age, Louise returned to Honey Grove, and a wonderful old settlers reunion was held.   We have obtained from the University of California Bancroft Library a photograph of that reunion and a newspaper article about the reunion.  See the remarkable photo and read about the reunion HERE.

Looking Backward Fifty Years

Read an article written by H. G. Ballew.

M. A. Galbraith Looks Back 63 Years

Read the article in the December 2, 1910 Honey Grove Signal about Honey Grove in 1847.

Honey Grove, Texas in 1885

From A History of Fannin County, by W. A. Carter.

94-year old Grace Campbell shares Honey Grove History.

Samuel Erwin 1839 survey of land "near the Honey Grove."

See the HERE.

Honey Grove, An Essay.

Read it HERE.

History of Honey Grove, Texas, by William E. Floyd, July 1923

Read it HERE.

Honey Grove in 1857, by Old Citizen

Read the article HERE.

Parade Held in Honey Grove in 1883

Read about it HERE.

From the Clarksville Standard, November 21, 1884

By the Editor:  "Honey Grove, which when we first saw it, in December '43 comprised a small grove of trees, among which a bee tree had been cut some years before, and in that grove one small cabin of logs just put up, is now a more populous place than Clarksville, claiming 3000 people, and is in all respects thrifty, being kept in the ascendency by a co-operative public spirit that allows no enterprise to flag, that can conduce to the general good."

From the Dallas Morning News, May 20, 1887

Read this very long article.

Honey Grove in 1888

Read the article HERE.

First Log Cabin

Read about Samuel Erwin's Log Cabin, located near Crockett Park, HERE.

Walcotts, Gilmers, Among First Settlers

Read about them HERE.

Article about the Early Automobiles in Honey Grove

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When Did the First Train Reach Honey Grove?

Find out HERE.

Old Bob

Read about Old Bob, the railroad line that ran from Honey Grove to Ladonia from 1887 until 1944.

Honey Grove and the David Crockett Bee Tree

More Facts about David Crockett's Route.

1904 Article about Davy Crockett from the Bonham News.

1921 Article:  How Honey Grove Got Sweet Name.  David Crockett Found WIld Bees There and Made Spot Famous.

Chronology of Honey Grove

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Honey Grove in the Texas Almanac

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The Authentic Histories

In September of 1937 the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen began printing a series of articles titled The Authentic Histories.  The first articles were reprints of articles that had previously been written by James P. Gilmer.  The second set of articles were written by H. P. Allen.  This history written by two of the early pioneers of Honey Grove provides valuable and interesting information.  The li​nks to the transcribed articles are HERE.

Early History of Honey Grove