The photo below is from 1952.

Fairview Baptist Church

Fairview Baptist Church History

1905 to 2013

From around 1895 to 1900 a number of families, whose minds were stayed on Jesus, came from Tennessee and settled around Windom, Texas.  Knowing of God's will and strength to support, wisdom to guide, goodness and mercy to comfort, made them long for a place to worship and praise God together.  In 1905 Bro. Dan Holland, whose life was full of good deeds for others, gave an acre of land and a two room house to use for the church, and school.

It was then that Rev. O. C. McQuilla, Bro. Dan Holland, Bro. C. L. Ryan, Bro. Jack Woodard, and Bro. John Doss organized the church.  Sis Jennie Woodard who passed from this life in 1908 named this church Fairview Baptist Church.  The deacons at that time were Br. Dan Holland, Bro. C. L. Ryan, Bro. Jack Woodard, Bro. John Doss and Bro. U.S. Holland served as secretary.

As years the church grew with these pastors: Rev. Dilliard, Rev. Lyon, Rev. Hubbard, Rev. Gibbs, Rev. Bufferson, Rev. Hearn, and Rev. Seamon.  The deacons during this time were:

Br. Will Jones, Bro. Frank Jones, Bro. Johnnie Woddard, Bro. Presley Holland, Bro. Charlie Denson, Br. Bobbie Ryans, Bro. Philex Denson, Bro. Dave Phillips, and Bro. Arthur Ryan.

In 1953, the church, with Deacon Vern Smith, leading and raising the highest amount of money for the project, moved the church to the city limit of Windom, Texas.  Rev. I. C. Brown was the pastor at that time.  The deacons were Bro. Vern Smith, Bro. Arthur Ryan, Bro. Johnnie Jackson, Bro. Dave Hunt, Bro. Matthew Jackson. Bro. Orlandus Smith, and Bro. Henry Lee Cyrus.

‚ÄčThe later pastors were Rev. W. R. Payne, Rev. O. L. McFrazier, and Rev. Jessie Neal, all currently deceased.  Serving for many years in the Sunday School department were Bro. Dave Hunt (deceased), Supt., Bro. Roy Ryan (deceased), Ass.t Supt., Sis Lorene Cyrus (deceased), Sec. Sis Sarah Hunt (deceased), Treasurer, and Sis. Myrtle Ryan Johnson (deceased), Teacher.

The church continued to grow with Pastor Lee J. Patterson, who is now deceased.  During this time the officers were Bro. Willie L. Joe (deceased), Sunday School Supt., Sis Charlotte Aubry, Sis Henrietta Smith (deceased), Sunday School Adult Teach, Sis. Allie M. McNeal (deceased), Sunday School Jr. Class teacher, Sis Lillian Hailey (deceased), Church Treasurer.

‚ÄčThen Rev. Holley and later Rev. Daniels served as pastor of the church.  In 2001 with help through donations of time and money from our many Christian friends, the church was completely remodeled to what it is today.  Rev. Joseph Barry served as pastor form 2003 to 2004, Rev. McAfee from 2005 to 2006.  The church is currently pastured by Rev. James Bollin and Sis. Joyce Rucker serves as church secretary and Sunday School teacher.  The church added a newly built lunch room in 2010.

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