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Directory of the First Baptist Church

Honey Grove, Texas


Bonnie Grimes, Pastor

History of the Church

The First Baptist Church of Honey Grove, Texas, was organized Dec. 3, 1853. The Presbytery was composed of Revs. W. H. Picket and John Brisco. The following members went into the organization of the church:

      Obediah Nix.                Betsy G. Walcott      Sinclair Stapp.                Mattie Hart      Geo. W. Fulcher.            Harriet D. Thatcher      Wm. Gillcres                Mary E. Donaldson      Benj. Parish                Harriet Nix      F. M. Nix.                Catherine Strahan      Hazekiah Garison            Mary Nix.      Thomas Hart.                Sallie B. Stapp      T. A. Parish.                Daniel Boles      A. L. Cheatham                 


The first officers of the church were Pastor, W. M. Pickett; Clerk, Sinclair Stapp; Deacon, Obediah Nix; Treasurer, Sinclair Stapp.    

The church represented in the Sister Grove Association for the first time in 1854. The Association met in Bonham, Friday, before the first Sunday in October. The messengers to this association were T. Hart, G. W. Fulcher, B. B. Parish, Sinclair Stapp.

First Baptist Church, Honey Grove

First Baptist Church 1916 Directory

Note that only a portion of the Directory has been transcribed below.  Complete pages of the directory are available HERE.



Resident Members

Abbot, Mr. Clem
Abbot, Mr. R.D.
Abbot, Mrs. R.D.
Abbot, Miss Vilma
Agee, Mrs. L.B.
Alexander, Mrs. T.B. 

Ballew, Dea H.B.
Ballew, Henry
Baldwin, Miss Gertrude
Bennett, Mr. C.L.
Bennett, Mrs. C.L.
Biggerstaff, Mr. L.B.
Biggerstaff, Mrs. L.B.
Brummet, Mr. R.S.
Brummet, Miss Maggie 

Capell, Mamie
Capell, Miss Julia
Capell, Mr. Chas
Capell, Mrs. Chas
Cappleman, Dr. J.J.
Castleberry, Mrs. Bessie
Clay, Mrs. Leslie
Cook, Dr. J.T.
Cook, Mrs. J.T.
Cook, Miss Dora
Cook, Miss Velma
Cook, Mr. Fred
Cook, Miss Jessie
Colby, Mrs. Walter
Colby, Miss Aubyn
Colby, Mr. Walter, Jr.
Cruse, Mrs. Joe
Cruse, Miss Vester
Cruse, Mr. Joe, Jr.
Crynes, Mrs. W.E. 

Daniel, Dr. M.E.
Daniel, Mrs. M.E.
Daniel, Miss Mildred
Daniel, Eugenia
Day, Mrs. G. W.
Denson, Mrs. Jim
Denson, Mr. Ed
Denson, Mrs. Ed
Denson, Mr. George
Denson, Mrs. George
Dewberry, Dea. W.M.
Dewberry, Mrs. W.M.
Dixon, Mrs. Henry
Dobbins, Miss Myrtle
Donaldson, Mr. J.H.
Donaldson, Mrs. J.H.
Donaldson, Dr. H.H. 

Eastland, Mrs. Ralph
Eastland, Dea. Ralph
Edwards, Mr. J.H.
Edwards, Mrs. J.H.
Emmons, Mr. Oscar
Emmons, Mrs. Oscar
Emmons, Miss Cordia
Evassale, Mrs. Ross
Evessale, Mr. Jewel 

Favors, Mrs. Sam
Favors, Dea. Sam
Ferrell, Mr. H.C.
Ferrell, Mrs. H.C.
Fiquet, Mr. W.H.
Fiquet, Mr. Theodore
Ford, Mr. Billie 

Galbraith, Mrs. R.H.
Galbraith, Mr. Bivian
Galbraith, Mr. John
George, Mrs. Elmer
George, Mr. Carl
Gilbert, Dea. J.F.
Gilbert, Mrs. J.F.
Gilbert, Miss Lillie Belle
Gilbert, Miss Leta
Gilbert, Mr. Raymond
Gilmer, Mrs. C.C.
Gilmer, Miss Bettie
Gilmer, Miss Lula
Gipson, Mrs. P.P.
Grant, Miss Marie
Grant, Mrs. Logan
Grant, Miss Bessie
Green, Mrs. C.
Green, Mr. Grady
Grigbsy, Miss Lillian
Grimes, Rev. Bonnie
Grimes, Mrs. Bonnie
Gunn, Mrs. Jeff
Guthrie, Miss Bertha
Gwaltney, Mr. M.E.
Gwaltney, Mrs. M.E.
Gwaltney, Mr. Ernest 

Hall, Mr. Tom
Holmes, Mr. Henry
Holmes, Mrs. Henry
Hubbard, Mr. Walter
Hudson, Mr. Will
Hudson Mrs. Will
Hudson, Mrs. Aline 

Jackson, Miss Bessie
Joiner, Mrs. S.R.
Jones, Mr. J.W.
Jones, Miss Ella
Jones, Mrs. H.P.
Jones, Miss Hellew
Jones, Miss Ruth 

Kelly, Mrs. Sallie 

LaKue, Mrs. Annie
LaKue, Miss Claudia
LaKue, Mrs. Mahalie
Lange, Mr. Will
Lange, Mrs. Will
Lassiter, Mr. W.M.
Lassiter, Mrs. W.M.
Leach, Mr. Owen
Leach, Mrs. Owen
Leach, Mr. Willie
Leach, Mrs. Killie
Leach, Miss Josephine
Leach, Mrs. Jim
Leach, Mr. Golden
Livingston, Mrs. J.W.
Livingston, Miss Susie
Livingston, Miss Abbie 

Maness, Mrs. John
Martin, Mrs. Lulu
McClure, Mrs. Letitia
McFarland, Mr. Will
McFarland, Mrs. Will
McFarland, Mr. Ralph
McFarland, Mrs. Jess
Meade, Mr. J.E.
Meade, Miss Lillian
Melville, Mrs. Clyde
Miller, Mrs. Henry
Miller, Mr. Herbert
Miller, Mrs. J.C.
Miller, Mrs. N.F.
Moore, Dea. J.D.
Moore, Mr. K.S.
Moore, Mrs. K.S.
Moran, Mrs. Fannie
Morris, Mrs. Elton
Myers, Mr. B.H.
Myers, Mrs. B.H.
Norris, Miss Katie 

Oliver, Mr. Roy
Oliver, Mrs. Roy
Owens, Mr. Will
Owens, Mrs. Will
Owens, Miss Cora
Owens, Mr. Henry 

Parkhill, Mrs. Bun
Parkhill, Mrs. Jim
Parrish, Mrs. S.S.
Paulk, Miss Hazel
Peace, Miss Mattie
Plemons, Mrs. Clark
Price, Mrs. S. L.
Price, Mrs. Mollie
Provine, Mrs. Page
Provine, Mr. Truman
Provine, Mrs. Arthur
Provine, Miss Daphina
Provine, Miss Louise

Reader, Miss Elsie
Rhodes, Mrs. Cintha
Rhodes, Mrs. J.C.
Richardson, Mr. A.W.
Richardson, Mrs. A.W.
Richardson, Miss Georgie
Richardson, Miss Ela
Richardson, Mr. Albert
Richardson, Mr. W.A.
Richardson, Mr. J.T.
Richardson, Mrs. J.T.
Roach, Miss. Georgia
Roberson, Mrs. Don
Roden, Miss Laura
Richardson, Miss Louise
Richardson, Miss Mildred
Roberson, Mr. Huston
Roach, Mrs. George
Roach, Miss Pearl
Rogers, Dea. A. A.
Rogers, Mrs. A. A.
Rogers, Miss Lois
Rothrock, Miss Minnie

Smith, Mrs. Wallace
Spence, Mr. Jas.
Sharpe, Mr. J.E.
Sharpe, Mrs. J.E.
Squires, Mrs. G. D.
Strange, Mrs. W. D.
Shortal, Dr. White
Starkey, Mrs. J. T.
Starkey, Mrs. G. C.
Sumpter, Mr. J. L.
Sumpter, Mrs. J. L.
Smith, Dea. N. B.
Shaw, Mrs. George
Sloan, Miss Ava
Sloan, Miss Cecil
Stone, Mr. Delma
Spillers, Mrs. Emma
Spillers, Mr. David
Swain, Mrs. Richard
Scherer, Mrs. Jessie 

Thomas, Mrs. W. K.
Thomas, Miss Eva
Tidwell, Mr. Z. L.
Tidwell, Mrs. Z. L.
Tidwell, Miss Thealia
Tidwell, Miss. Rubyle
Thompson, Mr. J. Q.
Thompson, Mrs. J. Q.
Thompson, Miss. Minnie
Thompson, Mr. Sam
Thompson, Mr. Henry
Thompson, Mrs. Jim
Thompson, Mr. Artis
Temple, Mrs. W. M.
Totten, Mrs. Joseph

Vineyard, Mr. L. A.
Vineyard, Mrs. L. A.
Vineyard, Mr. Jewel 

Witcher, Mr. J. L.
Witcher, Mrs. J. L.
Ward, Miss Eddie
Wilson, Dea. J. A.
Wilson, Mrs. J. A.
Wilson, Mrs. G.W.
Wheeler, Mr. Bert
Wheeler, Mrs. Bert
Wheeler, Mr. Chas. B.
West, Mrs. Ben
Williams, Mrs. Tom
Whitley, Mrs. N. W.
Whitley, Dr. G. M.
Whitley, Miss Mary
Whitley, Mr. Edd.
Whitley, Dr. J. W.
Whitley, Mr. Hugh.
Ward, Miss Eddie.
Wilkerson, Mr. T. A.
Wilkerson, Mrs. T. A.
Willis, Prof. W. L.
Willis, Mrs. W. L.
Willis, Mr. Calvin
Willis, Mr. Menter
Willis, Mr. Theodore
Walace, Mrs. A. E. 

Yoakum, Mrs. M. A.
Yoakum, Mrs. J. C.
York, Mr. H. L.
Young, Mr. W. M.
Young, Mrs. W. M.
Young, Mr. Estol
Young, Mr. Chas.
Young, Mrs. Chas.
Young, Mr. Jim
Yates, Mrs. Walter 

Non-Resident Members.

Ballew, Henry, Dallas, Texas.
Baldwin, Miss Gertrude, McMillan, Okla.
Biggerstaff, Mr. L. B., Pecan Gap, Texas
Clay, Mrs. Leslie, Dallas, Texas
Flemimons, Mrs. Clark, Petty, Texas
Cruse, Mrs. Joe, Proffitt, Texas
Cruse, Miss Vester, Proffitt, Texas
Cruse, Mr. Joe, Proffitt, Texas
Green, Mr. Grady, Bonham, Texas
Guthrie, Miss Bertha, Annona, Texas
Hall, Mr. Tom, Windom, Texas
Hubbard, Mr. Walter, Cleburne, Texas
Leach, Mr. Killie, Windom, Texas
LaKue, Mrs. Mahalia, Paris, Texas
Miller, Mr. Herbert, Hugo,Okla.
Moore, Mr. K. S., Greenville, Texas
Moore, Mrs. K. S., Greenville, Texas
Melville, Mrs. Clyde, Ladonia, Texas
Price, Mrs. S. L., Bonham, Texas
Reader, Miss Elsie, Roxton, Texas
Roach, Mrs. George, Bonham, Texas
Roach, Miss Georgia, Bonham, Texas
Roach, Miss Pearl, Bonham, Texas
Roberson, Mrs. Don, Windom, Texas
Rogers, Mr. Dillion, Cusa, Okla.
Spence, Mr. Jas., Ft. Worth, Texas
Squires, Mrs. G. D., Baunna, Texas
Strange, Mrs. W. D., Dallas, Texas
Shortal, Dr. White, Dallas, Texas
Smith, Mrs. Wallace, Frisco, Texas
Shaw, Mrs. George, Windom, Texas
Swain, Mrs. Richard, Wolfe City, Texas
Thomas, Mrs. W. K., Dallas, Texas
Thompson, Miss Eddie, Wesley, Texas
Wallace, Mrs. A. E., Paris, Texas
Wilkerson, Mr. T. A., Hamlin, Texas
Wilkerson, Mrs. T. A., Hamlin, Texas 

[Typed By: Hailey Hickman, Stormie Dennis, and
Brittanee Pevey, Honey Grove High School]