We have scanned selected pages from the 1913 Sunday School record.  The pages we have scanned are HERE.

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Sunday School Records


We have scanned selected pages from the 1912 Sunday School record.  The pages we have scanned are HERE.

The Sunday School teachers in 1912 were J. H. Lowry, Mrs. J. C. McKinney, Mrs. M. O. Ewing, Mrs. J. H. Lowry and Miss Ethel Galbraith.

We have attempted to transcribe the names of those attending Sunday School.  Please let us know if you think we have made a mistake in our transcription.

J. H. Lowry, M. O. Ewing, J. G. McKinney, L. W. Trout, D. E. Patteson, J. W. Smith; Miss Wynn Brown, Mrs. J. C. McKinney, T. W. Broadfoot; W. H. Stuart; Jack Wood, Bud McBee; W. M. Nelson; Glen Smith, J. G. Dameron, Mrs. W. H. Stuart, Job Smith, J. C. McKinney

Mrs. H. Anderson, Mrs. W. M. Nelson, Mrs. Jon Martin; Dr. Magness, Mrs. Bray, Miss Lou Brown, H. L. Anderson, T. J. Rynn, S. H. Gardner, Geo Laswell, N. W. Burleson, Miss Corin Galbraith, Chas Eaton, M. T. Walker, Mr. Simon, Will Martin, J. E. Thompson, Mrs. Geo Laswell, Chas Martin, W. N. Allen, Mrs. W. N. Allen, Willie Stewart, Mrs. Burleson, W. F. Martin, J. F. Hembree, M. T. Walker, Mrs. Hembree, Robt Blake, Joe Hamilton, Isom Eaton, Mrs. Willie Stuart.

Mrs. E. G. McKinney, Lacy Smith, Mrs. G. E. Smith, Elizabeth McKinney, Mildred Walker, Urban Martin, J. J. Sharpe, Katherine McKinney, Galen McKinney, Della Martin, Josephine Martin, Clyd Melville, Earnest Melville, Bessie Cornish, May Cornish, Rose Cornish, Wyatt Smith, Grace Lowry, Daze Da_____, Lawrence Kelly, Lee Henry, Thomas Burns, Mrs. G. W. Luttrell, Bessie Bowers, Myrtle Arrington

​Mrs. M. O. Ewing, Mildred Stewart, Ida Bershansky; John Lewellyn, Arthur Faxon, Calvin Williamson, Otis Laswell, Clarence Burleson, Edgar Burleson, Marie Durnanlaur, Clara Smlith, Ruth Walker, Olinetta Williamson, Cornelia McBee, Doris McKinney, Christine Ewing, Opal Phhilon, Ruth Rosson, Nora Eoff, Emma Eoff, Katherine Skinner, Lela Skinner, Aulyn Stuart, June Ramsey, ________, Mrs. J. C. McCleary, Winnie Burleson

Mrs. J. H. Lowry, Olinetta Williamson, Doris McKinney, John McBee, Cornelia McBee, Aurbien Stewart, Lewis Martin, Winnie Burleson, Ida Berhansky, Marie Durnanlaur, Christine Ewing, Ruth Walter, Dorothe Henre, Cecil Williamson, Willie Eaton, Lillian Waler, Grace Ewing, Edith Stewart, Mari Denison, Elmer Eaton, Mildred Dolbins,  Bessie Ruth Hartin, Ha___ Redman

Miss Ethel Galbraith, Lilian Walker, Elmer Faxon, Edith Stewart, Alfred Smith, Mildred Smith, Elmer Eaton, Charlie Eaton, Edward McKinney, Martha Williamson, Veta Steward, Labian Fay Nelson, Elmer Nelson, Ethel Henry, James Henry, Willie Eaton, Janice Wood, Frank Eaton, Grace Ewing, Virginia Burns, R. W. Bray, Mami Denison, Wellon Denison, Wade McKee, Harvey Eaton, Levis Erwin, David Williamson, Frank Bruce, May Melville, Linda Denison, Wymer Gentry; Edna M_____ Gentry; Mrs. J. W. Wheeler, Mami Redman, Henry Eaton; Sam Gardner, Mor__ Redman, Dorwell Skinner, Edith Sanner, Welton Skinner, Tom Rolhkocke

​M. O. Ewing, James G. BCurleson, Jno R. L_____, Will C. Braudrick, Franklin Martin, Clarence Burleson, Andie Melville; Calvin Williamson, Jenning Acton, Jim__ McKee; Ellery Myers, Otis Laswell; George Compton, Albert Stringfellow, B_____ Burns, Jack W. Wood, Arthur Faxon, _____ Eoff, W. M. Skinner, Roy McLuce, Louise Martin, Jno Smith

​An example of a page we have tried to transcribe is below: