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Ministerial Directory

First Presbyterian Church

Honey Grove, Texas

Rev. John S. Park              1961-1864

Rev. A. Shotwell                1966-1867

Rev. Robert McCoy            1867-1867

Rev. C. M. Shepperson       1872-1874

Rev. W. N. Dickey             1875-1878

Rev. Cornelius Miller           1882-1883

Rev. G. E. Eagleton            1884-1885

Rev. S. B. Campbell            1885-1887

Rev. J. H. Wiggins              1888-1892

Rev. A. W. Colver               1892-1893

Rev. J. E. Hobson               1893-1893

Rev. J. H. Wiggins              1894-1901

Rev. W. J. Caldwell             1901-1906

Rev. J. H. Bellot                  1906-1911 

Fathers and Brethren:

We the members of the Session of the First Presbyterian Church U.S., acting for ourselves and in behalf of the members of said church . . .we beg that you . . . take necessary steps to unite us with the Main Street Presbyterian Church of Honey Grove, Texas, that hence forth we shall be one church.


To the splendid work of the women of the First Presbyterian Church U.S.  The record of the church contains the names of the men to a large degree.  To the women also this page is dedicated.

Among the many who served the church well is one, Mrs. Ella Russell, who more than 30 years ago established the first Primary Department in a church in Honey Grove.  So successful was she in that work that in the last few years of the life of the First Church an Annex across the front of the little church was built to give room to the expanding work of this fine teacher of children.  In the united church one of the first actions of the united church Session was to elect teachers for the Sunday School.  To Mrs. Ella Russell was entrusted the work of the Primary Department.  Children who have been under her in this department have now grown up to be men and women serving in many places in the nation.  All of them remember Mrs. Ella and recognize her influence as among the best influences of their lives.  The First Church and now the Main Street Presbyterian Church in Honey Grove, are proud to own one Mrs. Ella Russell as their own.

December 23, 1911

The following resolution was adopted:

For the purpose of further perfecting the union of the First Presbyterian Church, Honey Grove Texas, with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., known as the Main Street Presbyterian Church, Honey Grove, Texas, and to effect a proper transfer of all of the property both real and personal belonging to the First Church to the Main Street Church.

Be it resolved [a committee was appointed] to transfer said property.

Peter Gray                                    Mrs. Peter Gray

P. F. Hays                                    Miss Annie Hays

Cammilus Hays                              F. T. Hockaday

C. B. Hockaday                             Mrs. C. B. Hockaday

Mrs. Jennie Huffman                     Miss Paxton Huffman

Miss Annie Huffman                      Miss Kate Huffman

L. C. Hill                                      Mrs. L. C. Hill

Tipton Hill                                    Mrs. Eliz. Henderson

Miss Omogene Henderson

P. B. Johnson                                Ike Johnson

Carl C. Johnson                            Mrs. M. V. Johnson

C. F. Koehler                                Mrs. May Koehler

Mrs. Lucy Lynn                            Mrs. F. E. Meyer

J. Miller Meyer                              Mrs. J. J. Murray

L. C. Nunnalee                              P. M. Price

Mrs. P. M. Price                           Miss Hazel Price

Miss Mary Price                           Mrs. Kate Pierce

Mrs. J. M. Petty                           Miss Emma Ramsey

Miss Ella Ramsey                         J. H. Orddy

Mrs. Rebecca Roddy                    Corry Roddy

James L. Roddy                            Frank Roddy

Mrs. Ella Russell                           L. B. Ryan

Mrs. Ida A. Ryan                          Prof. J. A. Reynolds

Mrs. Lean F. Smith                       A. H. Smith

Mrs. A. H. Smith                          Meyer Smith

Mrs. W. N. Sadler                        Miss Margaret Sadler

B. O. Walcott                               Mrs. B. O. Walcott

A. M. Ware                                  Mrs. A. M. Ware

Miss Katie May Ware                    Miss Ruth Ware

Miss Dubbie Ware                        J. M. Wright

Mrs. J. M. Wright                        Mrs. Emily Wortham

G. H. Yoe                                    Mrs. G. H. Yoe 

March 31, 1905

Pastor:  W. J. Caldwell

Elders: J. E. Ford, J. L. Ballinger, Brown Hockaday, P. B. Johnson, A. H. Smith

Deacons:  C. B. Bryan, L. C. Hill, P. M. Price, I. B. Erwin

Ladies Aid Society, Mrs. C. B. Bryan, Mrs. Hallie Trout

Missionary Society: Mrs. C. B. Bryan, Mrs. H. H. Blankmeyer

Sunday School:  J. M. Wright, J. M. Ballinger


J. L. Ballinger                              Mrs. J. L. Ballinger

Richard Ballinger                         Frank Ballinger

Miss May Ballinger                      Mrs. Mable Black

Dr. H. H. Blankmeyer                  Mrs. H. H. Blankmeyer

Mrs. M. L. Bloys                         James E. Bloys

J. D. Bloys                                 J. M. Baldwin

Mrs. J. M. Baldwin                     C. B. Bryan

Mrs. C. B. Bryan                         Mrs. Bess Ryan

Lane Corley                                Mrs. W. J. Caldwell

Mrs. Emma Cooper                     Miss Missouri Dockery

S. L. Erwin                                Mrs. Helen Erwin

Ivan B. Erwin                             Mrs. Bertha Erwin

J. E. Ford                                   T. L. Ford

Mrs. Mary Frye                          Mrs. Lillie Fleming                          

Mr. C. B. Hockaday . . . was elected Elder.

A committee was appointed: C. B. Bryan, S. L. ERwin and C. B. Hockaday.

The following officers were elected:  A. H. Smith and P. B. Johnson. . . P. M. Price, L. C. Hill and Ivan B. Erwin.

The following members were enrolled on their statement of membership in the Presbyterian Church:

John L. Ballinger                     Mrs. E. A. Ballinger

M. D. Bloys                            Mrs. A. P. Bloys

F. M. Lee                               Mrs. Helen Erwin

Gerard Fisher                          Mrs. M. L. Ford

J. E. Ford                                Mrs. Ellen T. Ford

Dr. Joseph Meyer                    Mrs. Lizzie Meyer

T. N. Ramsey                          Mrs. Judith Milan

J. H. Roddy                             Mrs. Drucilla Ramsey

Capt. J. O. Russell                    Mrs. R. F. Roddy

Mrs. Nannie M. Smith              Miss Lena Ford

Miss Sophie Lee                      Miss Lucie Lee

Miss Emma Ramsey                Miss Ella Ramsey

Miss Eula Rayan was received on confession of faith and was baptized.

[The following were elected to positions:  J. L. Ballinger, F. M. Lee, J. C. Grow, J. H. Skinner, Capt. J. P Russell,  A. H. Smith, B. O. Walcott, T. W. Perfect, C. B. Bryan, George G. Henderson]

The house of God has been open twice a month since June.  Sabboth School is held each Sunday.  Attendance is good.  Prayer meeting is observed weekly but the attendance is small. . . Attendance is small at the regular services of the church, though most of our people are absent for good reasons.  There has been no outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a revival of religion is sadly needed.  None of our members are addicted to the use of intoxicating liquors nor do any, as far as we know, practice dancing or any of those fashionable forms of amusements which have been adjudges by the church so prejudicial to vital piety. . . . The Sabboth is not observed as strictly as it was in the earlier days of Presbyterianism, though most of our members observe it as well as common among Christians at the present day.  Our people have contributed to the causes of benevolences recommended by the Assembly, though it is not believed that the amounts are equal to the ability of the church.

Dec. 19, 1880.  A Congregational Meeting was held . . . for the purpose of planning a new building for the church.  A motion was passed to build a new house of worship for the church.  The vote was unanimous.  J. Meyer, J. L. Ballinger and J.E. Ford were appointed to building committee, with power to procure a lot, secure subscriptions and have a church built.  Mrs. J. M. Ballenger, Mrs. J. H. Lynn and Mrs. A. H. Smith were appointed a committee to organize the ladies and secure subscriptions for the purpose of furnishing the new house of worship.

November, 1861

The First Presbyterian Church was organized in Honey Grove, Texas, in the Union Church in November 1861, by Rev. A. Shotwell, who was at that time acting as Bible Agent and supplying vacant churches as the occasion offered.

Previous to his coming Rev. John S. Park had preached for some time to the congregations at Honey Grove and Allen's Chapel.  At the organization there were 12 members:  they were:

James Blane                           Mrs. Ellen T. Lee

Mrs. A. L. Bright                    E. B. Sims

Mrs. E. B. Sims                      Mrs. Mary Yoakum

Mary G. Blane                        Mrs. Newhouse

Carey Johnstone                     Mrs. Cary Johnstone

Mrs. Mary Ballinger

Mrs. M. A. LaMaster              John L. Blaine

There are no records of the meetings . . . except the roll of members until . . . October 1874.

First Presbyterian Church, Honey Grove

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