Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Galbraith House

The Galbraith House, between Honey Grove and Windom on CR 2432, was built by Marshall Galbraith around 1872 with lumber brought by ox wagon from Jefferson.  The house is still in the Galbraith family.  As stated in Historic Homes, Buildings & Locations of Honey Grove, Texas, this Greek Revival style house replaced a log cabin where the Gailbraiths lived and the framing, square oak timbers, and windows are held together with pegs.  Most nails are square cut.

The house has a Texas State Historical Marker.  The first photo below is recent.  The front of the house currently faces north.

As related by Mary Jo Galbraith Barbee, the house originally faced east, but Mr. Galbraith's wife, Mary, wished that the house faced north so that they could more easily view the road.  Therefore on one occasion when Mary was away Marshall had the house turned 90 degrees.  The second photo below shows Marshall and Mary before the house was turned.  (Photo from the Collection of Mary Jo Barbee)