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Liquor Laws & Prohibition

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The following is from One Hundred Years

Honey Grove townsite is situated on land that was originally granted to James A. Jefferies by the Republic of Texas in 1838 and that was partly on headright of J. J. Nicholson.  B. S. Walcott had the townsite of Honey Grove laid out and surveyed by Samuel A. Erwin in 1848.

The first settlers in the Honey Grove area were Samuel A. Erwin and wife, whose home site was immediately west of the original site of Honey Grove.  The Erwins were married in Tennessee by David Crockett when Crockett was a Justice of the Peace.  Erwin came to Texas in 1837 and to Honey Grove in 1842.  For three years the Erwins were the only residents in this locality; then followed Captain Yeary, the Nicholsons, John McKenzie, J. T. Allen, and James Gilmer.  James Gilmer bought most of the land around Honey Grove.  His was the first recorded burial in Oakwood Cemetery in 1846.

From 1845 through the 1850's, the settlers came in increasing numbers from the old states bringing with them considerable money and good livestock. . . . By 1860 the town had 280 residents, according to the U. S. Census. Since the town had grown, an application was made to the State of Texas for a charter which was granted May 30, 1873. . . . The first officials in 1873 were mayor, Joe H. Smith; and aldermen, B. S. Walcott, A. G. Stobaugh, John Blaine, W. A. Ryan, and J. Fuqua. . . . 

​In September 1882, the old charter of 1873 was discarded and a general charter provided by the State was adopted. . . The population at time was 1,529, as shown on the 1880 census. . . The City Hall was built in 1887.  The Commission . . . form of government in Honey Grove was adopted in 1914.

The earliest Minute Book of the Honey Grove City Council that we have located to date begins in 1880.  This entire volume has been scanned and is available HERE.  Some highlights of that book are available HERE.  The second known volume covers the period 1902-1914 and is available HERE.  The third volume covering the period 1914-1920 is HERE.  The fourth volume covering the period 1921-1940 is HERE.

The City Ordinances in effect in 1902 were published.  We have scanned the book and it is HERE.  Then City Ordinances for the dates 1902 and 1934 were placed on a book, which we have scanned.  The entire book is available HERE.  The index to the 1902 - 1934 ordinances is retyped HERE.  Ordinances prior to 1902 are in the Minute Book, and may also be found in the Honey Grove Signal.

Court documents which we have scanned are from 1896.  Learn about these court documents HERE.

City Officials

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The Fire Department

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