Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

The Honey Grove City Council

By 1860 the town of Honey Grove had 280 residents.  An application was made to the State of Texas for a charter which was granted May 30, 1873.  

‚ÄčIn September 1882, the old charter of 1873 was discarded and a general charter provided by the State was adopted. The population at that time was 1,529, as shown on the 1880 census.

The first record book of the Honey Grove City Council that we have located to date is from the period 1880-1889.  The entire book has been scanned and is available HERE.  The book has an index of ordinances that has been taped to the front of the book and which was prepared at a later date.  Most of the book is hand-written, but copies of proposed ordinances from the newspaper are taped in the book.  For example, ordinances published in 1883:

Prohibits horse racing along the public square or any street or alley in the corporate limits; 

Prohibits a railroad from blocking any street for longer than five minutes;

Prohibits a person from leaving a dead carcass of any mule, ox, street, cow, calf or dog in any street or on the public square; 

Prohibits the camping or driving or keeping of horses, mules, cattle or swine in the City Cemetery.

We are beginning to transcribe the first Minute Book, and what we have accomplished so far is HERE.

The second known volume covers the period 1902-1914 and is available HERE.

‚ÄčThe third known volume covers the period 1914-1920 is available HERE.