Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Shown are the 1st and 2nd grades on the old auditorium steps in the school year of 1914-1915.

Top Row:  Alvis McElwee, Henry Witcher, Unknown, Durham, Elbert George, Maudie Philips, Unknown, Catherine Lewellen, Ruth Fein, Mildred (Smith) Rieves.

Second Row:  Nolia Parkhill, Evelyn Ridinger, Vera Wood, Unknown, Unknown, James Henry, Alma Braudrick, Allen George, Effie Hedrick, Flora Brode.

Third Row:  Unknown, Unknown, Melvin Scott, Marcus King, Unknown, Emma Watts, Lucille Evans, Louise Evans, Alba Collard, Frank Eaton, Bette Self.

Fourth Row: Temple, Unknown, Roy Collard, Thomas McClure, Unknown, Clarence Waters, Mary Collard, Mildred Eaton, Ruth Brumit, Rissie Lee Browning.

Honey Grove Elementary 1914-15