Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Sixth Grade, 1902

Miss Bess Groves, Teacher

​#2, May Ballinger, #6, Kattie Huffman, #11, Nolia Miller, #12, Jessie Dowlen, #29 Jessie Moses, #31, Edgar Boyle, #33, Frank R. Roddy.  Others unknown.  Photo and names from the Collection of the Estate of John and Thelma Black.

List of Graduates

Uta Willson

Willie McCleary

Belle Stinson

Rosa White

​Source:  Public School of Honey Grove, Texas 1907-1908

Honey Grove High School 1902

Class of 1902

Pictured above is the Honey Grove High School group picture for the year of 1902.  The building was located on the site of the present-day High School and was three-storied.  For some reason the photo was made at the read door instead of the front door.  

There were four seniors that year and the rest of the students in the picture were lower classmen.  This picture was loaned by Mrs. S. M. Wise and she was able to identify a good many of her classmates, some 74 years after the picture was taken.

Pictured here are (Bottom Row) Rose White (an orphan who lived with Will Erwin, Bell Stinson (daughter of Harriet and Frank Stinson) who married S. M. Wise, Maggie Grey (sister of the late Mrs. Herbert Luttrell), Ethel Lane, Bess McNeny, Ethel Brown and ______.

Second Row - ________, Walter Marvell, Ray Leeman (son of Dr. Leeman), Paxton Huffman, Willie Reed (Skinner), Grace Fuqua, Tommie Allen and Bert Fuqua.

Third Row - ________, Willie McCleary, Goldie Brigance, Myrtle Vaughan (Taylor) (daughter of Dr. W. B. Vaughan), ____________.

Fourth Row - ________, Chloe Blocker, Delmer Taylor, Anna Richardson, Ann Robnett, and Uta Wilson the Valedictorian.

Fifth Row - _______?, ____________?,  Walter Williamson, ________?, Mary Bell Smith, ___________?

Top Row - Miss Louise Barlow, teacher, ______, _________, F. M. Brawley, the Supt., __________?, Lloyd Zinneger and finally Mr. P. E. McDonald, teacher

(Mrs. Wise sits on the bottom row, second from the left and is easily recognizanble today from this picture.)