Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Photo from the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen, October 22, 1993

Honey Grove High Basketball Team - The above photo was submitted to us by Mrs. Ruth Riddlesperger and shows a Honey Grove High School basketball team from the past, probably about 1916.  Ruth's brother-in-law, Alton Swain, is pictured third from the left.  Other members of the team who have been identified are Walter Vaughn, Charlie Martin, John Underwood, Frank Council, V. A. Dowlen, Truman Provine and Fred Wilson.

Ollie Monier
Willie Belle Morgan
Attie Udell Neal
Mildred Neblett

Bess Eleanor Norton
Charles E. Norton

Ida Norton
Clifford B. Norwood
Murray A. Pirtle
Roy A. Shelton
Vera Sivley
Katherine Trout
Robert E. Walker
Mabel Warren
John Calvin Willis
​Daphne Young

Class Roll

​Isadore M. Bershansky

Hollis T. Brode

Dora May Cook

Walter Denison, Jr.

Frankie Easterly

Florence Evans

​Claire Galbriath

Isabel Gambill

Alllyne Hudson

William Preston Johnson

Albert S. Luttrell

Sarah Elizabeth McCleary

Junot McKee

Sam A. Meek

Honey Grove High School 1916