Japanese Musical Participants

Marjie Ellison

Maurine Thompson

Ruth Budd

Lillian Walker

Edith Rowton

Mamie Fortenberry

Lona Harrill

Mamie Fortenberry

Anna Self

Dorothy Mae Harris

Lora Simmons

Mary Alice Jackson

Ruth Erwin

Honey Grove High School 1921

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

An unsourced document provides the following Class Roll of the Class of 1921:

Mearl Avery; Oliver Kennedy Black; Exie Braudrick; Ruth Adalyne Budd; Gladys Chiles; Mavis Evans; Allie Floyd; Hinkle George; Marie Grant; Alfred Hobbs; Lois Hulsey; William Otis Laswell; Josephine E. Leach; James C. Magness; Evelyn Oglesby; Mary Eliabeth Ohr; Mildrred Richardson; Vera Beryle Scales; Selden Self; Marquerite Sivley; Clementa Swindell; Ernest B. Thrasher; Ira Orville Whittenberg; Nannie Lyons

One of the graduates was Vera Scales.

Both items from the

Collection of Mary Anne Thurman