Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Class Roll

R. C. Bowden

Opha L. Collard

Lillian Inez Eddins

William E. Floyd

Elizabeth Gambill

Una Iris Huff

Bronston W. James

Gwendolyn Marr

Ray E. Matthews

Ralph McFarland

Willie Catherine Murphy

Lynn Richardson

Edna Irma Riddles

Edith R. Rowton

Fannie M. Rutherford

Anne L. Self

Aubyn Fay Shelton

Frank totten

Max Wheeler, Jr.

Students and teachers listed in the program are:

Aubyn Fay Shelton, Inez Shelton, Opha Collard, Elizabeth Gambill, Edith Rowton, Lynn Richardson

Mary Gardner, Gladys McElwee, Frank Young (Principal), Gilbert Irwin(Principal), T. B. Walker (Superintendent)

Honey Grove High School 1924

One graduate was Anne Self.

Items from the Collection of Mary Anne Thurman