The 1930-31 session of the Honey Grove High School is now a matter of history. The doors of the institution have been closed for the summer, books have been laid away and the teachers who reside outside the city have returned to their homes. This was the thirty-ninth term of the Honey Grove Public Schools, if we date from the organization, 1891. Of course there was public education in Honey Grove prior to that date, but no organized school and not sufficient money to support a nine-months term of school.

In 1891 the building now known as the grade school was completed and school opened in September with Prof. J. S. Kendall superintendent, assisted by a faculty of seven instructors. At that time it was an eight-grade school, and it was seven or eight years later that the other grades were added and the first graduating exercises were held. There were but two members of the first graduating class. In the thirty-nine years of its existence the school has had eight superintendents, J. S. Kendall, F. M. Bralley, P. E. McDonald, W. L. Willis, E. L. McClendon. L. F. Connell, T. P. Walker, J. D. Howell.

In this year's class there were thirty-seven members, as follows:

​Curtis Bailey, Zelmo Bell, James F. Black, Marie Brown, Ralph Morris Brown, J. W. Cox, Artil Beatrice Cunningham, Manon Diedrick, Flora Dell Eubank, Billy Graves, Robert D. Hembree, Robert Charles Horstman, Helen Johnson, Daniel Freeman McMillan, Irene Maddon, William Sanders Magness, Estes Meade, Curtis G. Melton, Mary Juanita Melton, Mildred Joyce Newhouse, John O'Connor, Maness O'Connor, Bert T. _____, 
James Sherwood Recca, Madolin Roland, Myrl Rosson, Glo__ Rutherford, Robert A. Saylor, Roy Wesley Self, Melodese Tate, Lucille Todd, Frances Whittenberg, Olga C. Winningham, James Harvey Whitlock, Henry Cletus Wright, Frances  Elizabeth Wright, Jewell Wheeler.

 Usually girls largely outnumber the boys in graduating  classes, but the order was reversed in the Honey Grove school this session, there being nineteen boys and eighteen girls. Another unusual feature was that the boys captured both high honors, Ralph Brown being valedictorian and Curtis Melton salutatorian. The class officers were; Maness 0’Connor, president; Glossel Rutherford, vice president; Ralph Brown, secretary and treasurer; Dan Hembree, reporter; Miss Mary Alice, Bell, sponsor. The program as printed in last week's paper was carried out, a very large audience being present.

The commencement address, which was delivered by Dr. C. E. Goddard, pastor of the Sentral Presbyterian church of Sherman, was a gem of oratory, profound in thought, and was voted one of the greatest addresses ever heard in our little city. The speaker pointed out to the graduates the great opportunities for service and the world's need thereof, and appealed to the young people for all the possibilities wrapped up in their young lives. His remarks were listened to with deep interest, and the address elicited many high enconiums. Following the address H. C. McConnell, a member of the School Board, in a few well chosen words of congratulation and good wishes presented the diplomas.

Scholarships were awarded Ralph Brown and Irene Maddon, the former making the highest grade for boys and the latter highest grade for girls. The scholarships are good for virtually every university and college in the state.

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