Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

  Captain Thomas Shaw came with his brother Robert in 1852 or 53 to Honey Grove, from Tenn.  Thomas volunteered into the 11th Cavalry and organized in June, 1861, the Honey Grove Mounted Riflemen.  He was Captain of this Company.  His regiment, after the Elkhorn Tavern fight, was ordered east of the Mississippi River.  In Kentucky he served under Bragg in his campaign and later was in the 3 day fight at Murfreesboro, Tenn.  After this, his regiment was so decimated it was decided to send a man of character and influence to Texas for recruits, and Shaw was selected.

  While he he was cut off from his regiment and was transferred to Burnett's battalion in which he served until surrender.


J. S. Catron

M Dabers

W. Dunnam

M. C. Smith

Privates Names

D. P. Bridge

Isaac Smith

Ezra M. Tate

B. M. Orton

Josiah Thomas

James C. Witcher

F. Brown

J. T. Kennedy

Joel Morehead

J. P. Alexander

T. J. Calloway

J. Burnett

J. H. Smith

J. M. Rigney

J. C. McDonnald [McDonald]

James A. Petty

S. T. Reaves

Larkin Chiles

Samuel McCleary

Robert Pollard

M. F. Allen

L. B. Chiles Jr.

A. J. Lidy

W. B. Baker

J. W. Long [Lang?]

J. A. Wilson

J. W. Wood

W. M. Coleson

Austin Ward

Joseph Wilson

J. C. Brown

Isaac H. Stephens

Privates Names

W. A. Aston

Orvil Smith

Wright Chumley

H. P. Norwood

W. E.Stephens (?)

J. R. Parker

H. [Henry] C. Ballinger

John L. Ballinger

E. K. McBath

Robert J. Caldwell

William P. Ballinger

P. G. Stimbeck

A. G. Stobaugh

S. A. Erwin

C. W. Spradlin

James P. Woodson

William C. Anderson

Charles Z. Bridge

T. M. Coulter

William Gilmer

William McCraw

T. C. Latimore

William E. Guthrie

J. C. Ragsdale

H. H. Harral

James P. Gilmer

J. M. Colson

Samuel Towell

A. J. Harrison

Thomas W. Beard

H. S. Brally

Name of Officers                    Office

Thomas Shaw                         Captain

S. F. [Samuel] Montgomery      1 Lieutenant

Peacher Bleadsoe [Bledsoe]        2 Lieutenant 

James W. Chiles                       3 Lieutenant

Robert M. Chiles                       1 Sergeant

William R. Byrum                      2 Sergeant

William M. Smith                      3 Sergeant

Geo. W. Moore                         4 Sergeant

Joseph Methvin                         1 Corporal

Robert F. Slaughter                    2 Corporal

John M. Martin                          3 Corporal

Livingston G. Chiles                   4 Corporal

J. R. Wilson                              Ensign

The State of Texas                             To Edward Clark

Fannin County                                    Garrison of the State of Texas


I, R. M. Chiles, 1st Sergeant, of a company of Independent Mounted Volunteers organized in said county, State aforesaid, under the Style and name of the Honey Grove Mounted Riflemen on the 29 day of June 1861 at Honey Grove in said county under and in accordance with an act entitled "An Act to incorporate all military Uniformed Companies, how organized or to be organized in the State" - said act approved July 15, 1858 - do hereby certify as hon___, that the following is a true and just return of an Election for officers of Said Company, held in the time and place afore____ to such -

Muster Roll of the Honey Grove Mounted Riflemen

June 29, 1861