Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

According to an article by John Black:

Honey Grove, like most Texas towns before the automobile became popular, had a varied social life in the post-Civil War days of affluent families and a bustling population which was double that of today.  The stay-at-home families had for entertainment occasional traveling circuses, such as Barnum and Bailey, a local Opera House, picnics at beaver Dam or other popular spots, baseball teams that competed with much larger communities, football, horse racing, rabbit racing, and many other diversions.  The local ladies were active in their churches and organized other social groups, foremost among them being the Honey Grove Shakespeare Club.

The Shakespeare Club was organized in 1895 and it became federated with the national group in 1897.

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In Memoriam

Mrs. D. H. Bloys

Mrs. Marion Drane Galbraith

Mrs. J. C. Hardy

Mrs. A. H. Smith

Mrs. R. B. Smith

Mrs. R. J. Thomas

Mrs. C. B. Trout

Mrs. J. A. Underwood

Miss Hattie Williamson

Miss Effie Williamson

Mrs. T. F. Williamson

Miss Martha Pearl Wall

Mrs. W. W. Wood

Honorary Members

Mrs. J. S. Kendall                                  Denton, Texas

Mrs. M. A. Galbraith, Jr.                        Honey Grove, Texas

Miss Emi Waltermire                              Honey Grove, Texas

Mrs. H. L. McNew                                Dallas, Texas

Mrs. H. B. Ballew                                   Honey Grove, Texas         


Miss Effie Ballew

Miss Annie Ballew

Mrs. C. B. Bryan

Mrs. T. U. Cole

Mrs. G. A. Dailey

Mrs. S. L. Erwin

Mrs. E. P. Hicks

Mrs. J. A. Pierce

Miss Laura Reed

Mrs. Ella Russell


Mrs. G. A. Dailey                               President

Miss Martha Pearl Wall                       Vice President

Mrs. E. P. Hicks                                 Secretary

Mrs. C. B. Trout                                 Corresponding Sectretary

Mrs. W. W. Wood                              Treasurer

Mrs. J. A. Pierce                                 Librarian

Mrs. S. L. Erwin                                Parliamentarian


Mrs. G. A. Dailey

Miss Effie Williamson

Mrs. T. F. Williamson

Honey Grove Shakespeare Club

1902-03 Yearbook.  Selected pages are shown below.  See all the pages HERE.

This document from the Collection of the Estate of John and Thelma Black.