Lone Star School

Honey Grove, Fannin Co., Texas


Susie C. Ramsey, Teacher


Flora Brewer

Eddie Parrish

Snodie Cantrell

Cecil Waters

Birdie Conley

Royal Barnett

Ethel McDow

Dee Cautrell

Clarence Conley

Baxter Moore

Hattie Parrish

Roby Cobb

Ora Ray

Hattie Conley

Albert Allen

Aubyn Lambe

Earl Brewer

Frank Cautrell

Carl Hobbs

Lone Star

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Alvie Moore
Icy Cobb
Nina Pickett
Jimmie Cantrell
Eula Waters

Myrtle Hobbs
Ruby Barnett
Fred Cantrell
Willie Johnson
James Parrish
Frank Parrish
Alvin Parrish
Fred Ray
Frank Pickett
Willie Ray

Photo from the Allens Chapel Scrapbook.

Lone Star School 1910-12: This photo is of the Lone Star School which was located just at the foot of the Lone Star Hill, a few mile south of Allens Chapel. This community and school later became a part of the Allens Chapel community. John Damron was the teacher.

1. Dee Cantrell; 2. Ethel McDowell; 3. Jim Parrish; 4. Ruby Cobb; 5. Eddie Parrish; 6. Nellie Bullington; 7. Hattie Parrish; 8. Carrie McDow; 9. Mildred Parrish; 10. Eula Waters; 11. Austin Cantrell; 12. Frank Parrish; 13. Alvin Parrish; 14. Albert Allen; 15. Roy Barnett; 16. Ruby Barnett; 17. Frank Cantrell; 18. Fred Cantrell; 19. Willie Johnson; 20. Snodie Cantrell; 21. Ruby McDow; 22. Carl Hobbs; 23. Harley Moore; 24. Nina Pickett.

The Lone Star community was located near Allens Chapel, about three miles northwest of Honey Grove.  There was a school in this community in the early 1900s.

In May, 1910, the community was badly damaged by a storm.  The Honey Grove Signal reported in its issue of May 27, 1910:

"The Lone Star community, three miles northwest of Honey Grove was one of the worst sufferers of the wind, also faring badly from hail.  The two churches, which are about 75 yards apart were blown down and demolished.  The old Williamson gin was blown down and the building is a total wreck.  The gin machinery was damaged, but to what extent is not definitely known.  In this same community a barn belonging to Mr. Byran Fewell was blown down, a residence on Mr. J. T. Damron's farm was wrecked and a granary at Mr. John Lamb's was practically destroyed."

We do not know if the school building was damaged in the 1910 storm.

An article in the Honey Grove Signal of December 5, 1913, reports that "A box supper will be given at Lone Star school house to-night, December 5, to which all are invited.  The proceeds will be used in making repairs on school house.

The School Directory for the Schools of Fannin County 1928-1929 does NOT list the Lone Star school as a current school.

The beautiful item below, from the collection of Lem Locke, records the pupils at the school in 1910.

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