Vaughan, Mrs W B

Vaughan, Walter

Walcott, Mrs J

Walker, Edward

Ware, Mrs A M

Ware, Dava

Wood, Phillippi

Wood, Opie

Wood, Lou Dan

Wulfman, Mrs D F

Zinnecker, Mrs W C

Ohr, Mrs C H

Petty, Bessie Theo

Pirtle, W J

Pirtle, Marie

Pirtle, Mrs J B

Price, Mrs P M

Price, Mary

Robnett, J H

Robnett, Anne

Roddy, J H

Roddy, J L

Roddy, Harry

Roddy, Mrs J B

Russell, Mrs J P

Sabin, Mrs A W

Skinner, W H

Smith, A H

Spelce, T B

Spears, Mrs A C

Stephen, Mrs J B

Taylor, Mrs D E

Trout, C B

Trout, Katherine

Tucker, T A

Primary Department

Mrs. J. P. Russell

Mrs. L. C. Hill

Mrs. C. B. Trout

Miss Bess Robnett

Pastor's Aid Society

Mrs. Elizabeth Henderson, President

Mrs. C. H. Ohr, Vice President

Mrs. L. C. Hill, Vice President

Mrs. W. F. Graves, Sec.

Mrs. C. B. Trout, Asst. Sec.

Miss Bessie McCleary, Treas.

Women's Missionary Society

Mrs. E. L. Moore, Pres.

Mrs. C. H. Ohr, Vice Pres.

Mrs. G. W. McCleary, Sec.

Mrs. H. P. Allen, Treas.

Johnson, P B

Johnson, Willie

Koethe, Mrs Chas

LaMaster, Mrs L C

LaMaster, Mrs J D

Lane, Mrs A L

Lane, Hallie

Lane, W H

Lane, Sara

Long, R H

Lyon, Willie

Lyon, Mrs S H

Martin, Lida J

Marvel, S

McCleary, J T

McCleary, Emma

McCleary, Richard

McCleary, Mrs. B S

McCleary, Elizabeth

McKee, Mrs M F

McCurdy, Mrs R H

Mims, Mrs Frank

Miller, Gladys

Moses, Jessie

McClure, Mrs M E

McClure, Myrtle

McClure, Willie

Jones, Marshall

Johnson, Mrs P B

Keene, Mrs J E

Kirkwood, Mildred

LaMaster, L C

LaMaster, J D

LaMaster Joe

Lane, Ethel

Lane, Thos G

Lane, Dupee

Lesnett, Elizabeth

Lyon, Mrs S A

Lyon, S H

Martin, Jesse R

Martin, John

Marvel, Mrs S

McCleary, Mrs J T

McCleary, Bessie

McCleary, B S

McCleary, G W

McGaughey, Fay

Meyer, Mrs Fannie

Mims, Frank

Miller, H R

Monia, Mrs. George

Moore, Mrs E L

McClure, Mary Lee

McClure, Eva

  Deidrick, Mrs A        

  Erwin, S L               Erwin, I B                 Etchison, Lois M                                       Fetter, Mary E           Frye, Mrs Mary         

  Galbraith, Mrs D I     Gambill, Mrs G W     Grizzard, A P             Graves, W F             Gray, Mrs A M         Griffith, Mrs L E       Guthrie, Mrs R H

  Guthrie, Mrs O B              

  Harvey, Mrs C E       Harvey, George         Hales, Mrs W L         Henderson, Mrs E     Hill, L C                   Hill, Mrs L C             Hockaday, C B           Hockaday, Olin         Hockaday, Benton     Huffman, Mrs J

  Huffman, P F  

  Jones, H P

  Jones, Mrs L R  

List of Members

Allen, H P                                               Allen, Mrs. H P

Allen, Edna                                             Allen, Jno P

Allen, H L                                               Allen, Mrs. H L

Allen, Luther R                                        Allen, Mrs. L R

Ballinger, J L                                           Ballinger, Mrs J L

Ballinger, Mae                                          Barnes, N J

Baldwin, J M                                           Baldwin, Mrs J M

Baldwin, Wyatt                                        Baldwin, W R

Baker, Mrs W R                                       Baker, Lucybel

Baker, Billie                                              Baker, Vaughan

Beatty, Mrs Anna                                     Black, Mrs J F

Bloys, Mrs. T D                                       Bloys, Jas E

Blocker, Mrs. E E                                     Blocker, Harry E

Boone, J S                                               Boone, Mrs J S

Brown, Mrs J L                                        Brown, Juanita

Brode, Mrs L N                                        Brode, George

Brode, Hollis                                            Brode, Della

Bryan, C B                                               Bryan, Mrs. C B

Bryan, Ballinger

Cook, Didie                                              Carpenter, G A

Dial, W A                                                Dial, Mrs W A

Dial, J A                                                  Dial, Mrs J A

Dial, Sam H                                             Dial, Mrs Sam H

Dial, Ella                                                  Dial, W L 

Main Street Presbyterian Church, Honey Grove

1912 Directory

Our Beloved Dead

Mrs. Sallie Baird

March 24, Age 78

Mrs. B. O. Walcott

April 1, Age 58

Mrs. J. H. Robnett

June 29, Age 48

Mrs. Eliza Wilson

Sept. 21, Age 79

J. E. Ford

Dec. 22, Age 74


son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Jones

Feb. 18, Age 6


daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Black


daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hockaday


son of Mr. and Mrs. B. S. McCleary

Sept. 28, Age 10 Days

Doty, Mrs M E

Erwin, Mrs S L

Erwin, Mrs I B

Fillers, A H

Galbraith, A S

Goss, Mrs J R

Grizzard, Mrs A P

Graves, Mrs W F

Gray, Mary

Griffith, L E

Guthrie, R H

Guthrie, O B

Harvey, Frances

Hales, W L

Hales, Willie

Henderson, Imogene

Hill, Miriam

Hockaday, Mrs C B

Hockaday, Clarence

Howard, Mrs G R

Huffman, Isabel

Huffman, Mrs P F

Jones, L R

Jones, Minnie

Main Street

Presbyterian Church

E. L. Moore, Pastor

This church is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas and the property is held in trust by the following gentlemen who constitute the Board of Trustees:

H. P. Allen                          C. B. Hockaday

J. B. Stephens                     J. H. Robnett

                    C. B. Trout

Vaughan, Dr W B

Vaughan, Ivy

Vessels, Violet

Walcott, B O

Walcott, Mrs J H

Ware, A M

Ware, Katie Mae

Wise, S M

Wood, Grace

Wood, Richard

Wulfman, D F

Zinnecker, W C

Ohr, C H

Petty, Mrs J M

Pierce, Mrs J A

Pirtle, Mrs W J

Price, J B

Price, P M

Price, Hazel

Price, Pinckney

Rief, Marion

Robnett, Bess

Robnett, Joe

Roddy, Mrs J H

Roddy, Frank

Roddy, J B

Roddy, Roy

Ruminer, Goldie

Sabin, A W

Sims, Mrs Lillie

Smart, Lemuel

Smith, H M

Spelce, Mrs T B

Stephens, J B

Taylor, Delmer E

Taylor Lilian

Trout, Mrs C B

Trout, Mrs D M

Tucker, Willie Mae

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Our thanks to Harriett Ragsdale, whose grandparents were Preston Brooks Johnson and Mary Virginia Yoakum Johnson, for providing this booklet.


E. L. Moore - Pastor

J. H. Robnett - Treasurer

J. B. Stephens - Clerk of Session


R. H. Long                              J. L. Ballinger

H. P. Allen                               J. B. Stephens

J. H. Robnett                           A. H. Smith

R. H. Guthrie                           W. R. Baker

P. B. Johnson                           S. Marvel

W. L. Hales                              C. B. Hockaday

W. B. Vaughan                         C. B. Trout

H. L. Allen                               H. E. Blocker


J. A. Dial                                  I. B. Erwin

C. B. Bryan                               P. M. Price 

The Sunday School

Dr. W. B. Vaughan, Supt.

C. B. Trout, Asst. Supt. and Chairman Teachers' Meeting 

J. H. Robnett, Sec.-Treas.

H. L. Allen, Asst. Sec.

Mrs. J. P. Russell, Supt. Primary Dept.

 Miss Bessie McCleary, Sec. Primary Dept. & Supt. Cradle Roll

Mrs. C. B. Hockaday, Supt. Home Dept.


Adult Department

 H. P. Allen, Men's Bible Class

J. L. Ballinger, Women's Bible Class

E. L. Moore, Loyalty Class - Organized

L. C. Hill - Young Women's Class - Organized

Mrs. W. F. Graves, Young Men's Class.

Mrs. J. D. LaMaster, Young Ladies' Class

Intermediate Department

I. B. Erwin

Mrs. G. W. McCleary

Junior Department

Mrs. Elizabeth Henderson

Mrs. C. H. Ohr

Miss Katie Mae Ware