Document from the Collection of Mary Anne Thurman

Mrs. John H. Kirby

Mrs. Earl Roberts

Mary Helen Rutherford

Mary Faith Hancock

C. H. Martin

Ardis Martin

T. L. Hollingsworth

Mrs. T. L. Hollingsworth

Mrs. Horace Hollis

Mrs. Marvin Fox

Mrs. Earl Burks

Mrs. Ray Chaney

Mrs. Lloyd Hicholson

Mrs. Inez Lankford

Lois Milam

Maverne Milam

A. Collier

T. B. Savage, Jr.

Mrs. T. B. Savage, Jr.

Dudley Savage

Mrs. Dudley Savage

Johnette Savage

Mrs. Elba Kuykendall

Mrs. J. B. Kuykendall

James Kuykendall

Robert Kuykendall

Mrs. R. M. Hodges

John Ware

Mrs. John Ware

Mrs. W. M. Ryan

Mrs. Joe McDowell

Mrs. Alfred Clark

Mrs. Dell Lynn

Joe Hancock

Lovell Hancock

Mrs. Jack Rutherford Sr.

Jack Rutherford Jr.

Mrs. Jack Rutherford Jr.

Frank Rutherford

Mrs. Frank Rutherford

Mrs. Phillip Rutherford

Wiley Fuller

Mrs. Wilely Fuller

Minnie Jean Fuller

Mrs. Jula Manuel

George Manuel

Back Busby

Mrs. Gertie Davies

Malcom White

Mrs. Malcom White

Douglas White

Bill White

Mrs. Henry White

Joe Hamilton

Mrs. Joe Hamilton

Emmarene Hamilton

Wade Hancock

Mrs. Wade Hancock

Mrs. John Mann

Mrs. Dave Spears

Bill Perdue

Mrs. Frank Perdue

W. D. Ford

Mrs. W. D. Ford

Mrs. J. S. Hughes

Miss Lilllian Crumley

Mrs. Adell Scott

Earl Roberts

Petty Missionary Society

Pres. Mrs. P. G. Collllier; Vice President, Mrs. J. Rutherford, Jr.; Study Supt. Mrs. J. J. Beville; Treasurer, Mrs. A. Collier; Recording Sec'y., Mrs. A. Whatley; Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Walter Stewart; Supt. of Children, Mrs. F. Rutherford; Supt. of Baby Specials, Mrs. Jack Rutherford; Supt. of Christian Social Relations, Mrs. J. B. Antonie; Supt. of Supply, Mrs. D. G. Lynn; Supt. Let. and Publicity, Mrs. Alma Hollis. Mrs. Dillard Clark, Miss Kitty Collier, Mrs. A. Lankford, Mrs. T. B. Savage, Sr., Mrs. T. B. Savage, Jr. Mrs. J. Kirby, Mrs. Dee Cunningham, Miss Emmarene Hamilton, Mrs. Milton Davis, Mrs. Raymond Budd

Rev. Caston J. Kirby, Pastor

Former Pastors

Eaglebarger, Brown, Hines, Erwin, Adams, Thomas, Basilne, Palmer; Tom Lovell, Ely, Hightower, Wages, Wheeler, James, Farmery, W. B. Reeves, Payne, Vernon, Davis, Harris, J. W. Wilson, L. M. Nichols, J.S. Hughes, J. T. Brown, Coston, J. Kirby.

Petty Methodist Church

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Rms. B. B. Guner

David Robert Spears

James W. Spears

Jack Spears

Ruth Spears Bouie

Joe Dawson

Mrs. C. S. Dellinger

William C. Twyman

Mrs. J. H. McBee, Sr.

James Hillingsworth

Morgan Hancock

Milton Davis

Mrs. Milton Davis

D. A. Holder

Mrs. D. A. Holder

Ralph Holder

John P. Heggie

Mrs. Mattie Plemons

Mrs. A. Collier

Cleo Collier

P. G. Collier

Mrs. P. G. Collier

Martha Collier

John Collier

James Collier

Mrs. Gilbert Deweese

Joe J. Beville

Mrs. Joe J. Beville

J. C. Beville

Beatrice Beville

Margaret Beville

Elvis Beville

Joe Beville, Jr.

Birdie Beville

Mrs. Lizzie Swearengen

W. W. Mitchell

Mrs. Charley Hardin

J. E. Hancock

Mr. W. L. Hodge

Mrs. W. L. Hodge

Irene Hodge

Mrs. Walter Stewart

Walter Stewart

Silas Clark

Mrs. J. Q. O'Connor

Maness O'Connor

John O'Connor

A. V. Roden

Maggie Roden

Mrs. Guy Graves

Hicks Graves

Mrs. Hicks Graves

John B. Antoine

Mrs. John B. Antoine

Billie Antonine

J. C. Daawson, Jr.

Mrs. J. C. Dawson, Jr.

Dee Cunningham

Mrs. Dee Cunningham

Mrs. Lora Rutherford

Mrs. Ernest Hodges

Margaret Hodges

Mrs. J. E. Hancock

Elmo Hancock

Mrs. Elmo Hancock

T. B. Savage, Sr.

Mrs. T. B. Savage, Sr.

Petty Methodist Church

History of Petty Methodist Church

Prior to 1888 the congregation was organized and met in the schoolhouse.  In the year 1888 the members met in a body and voted to erect a building for worship.  After a member had made contributions they soon had enough money to start work.  The work and subscriptions of the following were noteworthy:  Uncle Dave Yarborough, W. H. Dowlin, J. Roden, Mark Roden, Mrs. Nanny O'Connor, Mrs. Sallie Savage, H. T. Stewart, W. H. Fielding and Mother.

When plans were completed, Peter Shaw was secured as leading carpenter.  Before the year was out, the building was completed and free of debt.  Rev. I. W. Clark, the Presiding Elder, having charge of the Dedicatory service.

First Pastor lived at White Rock, then in the early 90's a parsonage was erected at Petty during the Pastorate of Rev. P. G. Eaglebarger.  Several pastors succeeded him living at Petty.  When Rev. T. W. Lovell and R. L. Ely were assigned as pastors, they lived at White Rock, serving the Petty Church from there.

The work and interest of the congregation in the earlier days was highly encouraging.  Having as many as 300 members or more and 150 in Sunday School.  They seemed to be filled with the spirit and enthusiasm of God, never falling short of their duty and obligations to the Church.

In 1924 a new church building was erected at a cost of $6000.  Such men as the following:  T. L. Hollingsworth, Tom Roden, J. J. Beville, A. Collier, J. P. Heggie, T. B. Savage, Sr., and other leading in the contributions.  A. Collier was selected as contractor.

Throughout the years the church has had such capable men and women to handle financial matters as the following who served as Stewards: M. L. Roden, H. T. Stewart, J. A. Roden, J. P. Heggie, W. H. Fielding, A. G. Roden, T. O. Roden, Curtis Collier, J. W. Hill, W. B. Claiborne, L. V. Law, A. Collier, J. J. Beville, A. E. Hancock, Mrs. P. G. Collier, T. B. Savage, Sr., J. C. Dawson, Sr., Mrs. J. B. Antoine, Mrs. D. E. Lynn.

The Sunday School has been served well and efficiently by the following men and women as superintendents: James Hill, Mr. Mahew, W. F. Palmer, L. S. Lusby, R. O. Bradshaw, T. L. Hollingsworth, W. L. Hodge, Julian Thompson, J. E. Blackburn, Mr. Reed, Mrs. Jessie O'Connor, Dee Cunningham.