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‚ÄčBonham Daily Favorite, April 25, 1918

Post Office Appropriation Withdrawn

According to an announcement in the Sunday papers the appropriation for the Honey Grove Post office has been withdrawn, together with the appropriations from several other buildings in Texas and Oklahoma, and it now looks as if it would be a long time before Honey Grove gets a post office building in the center of the square.  The reason given for the withdrawal of the appropriation was the fact that the war is on and all available funds are needed for war purposes - Honey Grove Citizen.

Post Office employees in 1972

Seated:  Herbert Sherwood, L.E. (Jimmy) Myers, Tom Lochridge (route 2, substitute carrier).

Standing:  John A. Smith, route 1, temporary carrier; Miss Edna Lee Braudrick, assistant postmaster; Wyatt Bell, James Martin, Postmaster Jack Shelton, Bloys Parkhill, Roy Lochridge,route 2 carrier, H. W. Gandy, route 3 carrier and Robert Shelton Sr., longtime route 2 carrier, retired.

Photo from the Collection of the Bertha Voyer Memorial Library

Early Post Office employees

Photos from the Collection of the Estate of John and Thelma Black

The Honey Grove Post Office

The lovely Post Office on the Honey Grove Square was constructed in 1919.


Name  Date Appointed
Samuel Erwin  05/22/1846
Benjamin S. Walcott  09/02/1850
Lewis W. Yeager r 03/14/1859
Joel H. Buttonr 12/24/1859
David M. Morrison r 07/12/1861
David Morrison was appointed postmaster under the
Confederate States of America.
Orville Smith  01/04/1864
Orville Smith was appointed postmaster under the
Confederate States of America.
Sinclair Stapp  01/03/1865
Sinclair Stapp was appointed postmaster under the
Confederate States of America.
Benjamin S. Walcott  12/11/1865
George A. Dailey  01/21/1869
Thomas D. Bloys  05/12/1882
James P. Gilmer  03/17/1887
Eustace W. Walder  06/02/1890
W. Lee Jolley  05/28/1894
Thomas D. Bloys  05/10/1898
Ada Galbraith Acting  03/07/1914
Samuel H. Gardner  03/19/1914
Samuel Bennett Baker Acting r 03/01/1919
Samuel L. Erwin  07/28/1919
Mamie B. Mustaine Acting  07/31/1923
Mamie B. Mustaine 12/19/1923
Julian S. Erwin Acting  12/15/1931
Harvey B. Savage  06/10/1932
Homer C. McConnell  02/20/1937
Harry Clinton Dial Acting  04/16/1943
Walter O. Cravens  06/01/1944
Jack J. Shelton Acting 10/31/1960
Edmond F. Jackson Acting  05/04/1962
Edmond F. Jackson  08/06/1962
Mrs. Edna L. Braudrick Officer-In-Charge 02/19/1971
Jack J. Shelton  06/12/1971
Nolan Oneal Haddock Officer-In-Charge 06/26/1987
Sandra M. Rettig r 08/15/1987
Ronnie L. Lester Officer-In-Charge 04/04/1991
Ronny D. Shirley  10/01/1991
James M. Towery  01/23/1993
Catherine C. (Henson) Cason  06/03/2000
Catherine C. Henson's surname changed to Cason on November
28, 2001.
Michael D. Hicks  04/02/2005
Leta Porter Officer-In-Charge 01/31/2013
Jessie R. White III  04/06/2013

Front row: Robert Shelton, Sr., ?, Hoss Luttrell, Roy Lochridge

Back Row: L. E. Myers, Glenn Shelton, Horace Gandy