Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Below is the 1937 photo

The photo above, from 1932-33, was provided by Bob Lane.

The 1936 photo below, with some names, was provided by Nancy Cummins.  The two boys on the bottom right at Johnnie and Jesse Smith.


First Row (L to R):  John Riddles, Levnia McBurnett, Virginia Wilkins, Mary Helen Weems, Mary Elizabeth Robardy, J. W. Carson, Jack Wood, director; Mary Virginia Johnson, Thelma Jane Ballew, Billie James Scott, Charles William Baker, Earl Fortenberry, Raford Stroud, Jewell Blair.

Second Row (L to R):  L. D. Johnson, Martha Sue Denson, Margaret Buckman, Eva Ruth Todd, Virginia Pippin, Marjorie Dobbs, Noma Dee Simmons, Jimmie Slack, Charles Shelton, Alva Coley, Lee Wight, Ray Barnett, S. L. Sanders, Billie Beautotte, Jack Wilson

Third Row (L to R): Mrs. S. H. Gardner, Charlotte Russell, Louise Hales McCleary, Billie Coston, Zelda Mae Meadows, Mrs.Harry Dial, Joannah Alexander, Bernice Jenkins, Ted Fiquet, Forest Richards, Davis Blackwood, H. C. McConnell, Mrs. J. D. Howell.

An article in the May 18, 1930 Dallas Morning News had a photo of the Honey Grove Rhythm Band, composed of children of the first and second grades.  The names of the children were given.  Deidra Jackson has an original of that photo.  Both are shown below.

Rhythm Bands