Rock Hill School

Rock Hill School was located on a hill of white rock about three miles southwest of Petty, in Lamar County.

​According to a newspaper article, "the first Rock Hill school building was built around the turn of the century.  It was destroyed by a storm and was replaced around 1912 with a two room building.  In the early forties it was destroyed by fire.  A little one room house was used to continue the school year until they could build back.  A one room building was then build and was used until rock Hill was consolidated with the Petty school district about 1947."  

The newspaper article lists the following teachers:

John D. Cunningham, J. T. Damron, Sam Dawson, Lynn Roddy, Poston Creed, Ila Creed, W. C. Blanton, Lucy Mae (Meeks) Budd, Vera Comelus, Lawrice Rainey, Anna Mae Brazelton, Hugh Gray, Elizabeth Reeder; Jessie Reeder, Oradell Nuhn, Dorothy Harris, Mattie (Cunningham) Doyle, Ethel (Thompson) Bybee, Mattie Mae Smith, Kate (Hitch) Vaught, Gladys (Hobbs) Hall, Lizzie Mae (Grizzard) Lair, Exie Boyle, Mary Esta (Rhodes) Ridgeway, Virginia (Bryant) Cunningham, Ora Mae (Cunningham) Kilpatrick and Edith Jennings.

Pictured above is the first grade class in 1914 of Rock Hill School, 4 miles east of Honey Grove. The teacher was the late Miss Vera Cornelius.

Left to right are: Willie Caffee, Willie Mae Jacobs, Verda Mullins, Velma Bailey, David Cunningham, Mattie Cunningham, Tommy Scott, and Bessie Wilkins The picture was brought to the Signal-Citizen office by Mrs. Roy Doyle, the former Mattie Cunningham.

Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Back row, left to right, Ella Pace, Marie Bryant, Oretta Land, James Cunningham, John Land, Arthur Cunningham and Winifred Cunningham. Teachers, in center of group, Gladys Hobbs and Kate Hitch.

Middle row, left to right, Willie Pace, Troy Nelson, Dollie Ray Bierbower, Dorothy Caffee, Sara Caffee, Frances Cunningham, Maurine Miller, Lee Evelyn Caffee, Ved Hawkins,, Mildred Nelson, Gordyne Hollis, Martha Hollis, ? Hornburger and Harvey B. Cunningham.

Front row, left to right, Porter Parham, Herman Parham Jr., Quintin Hawkins, Bill Kilpatrick, Eugene Edelhouser, ? Hornburger, John Miller Jr., E. J, Bierbower and Joe Pace.