Shown at left is the Rock Point Methodist Episcopal Church, South, which was located some two and one half miles south of Honey Grove.

In Vol. 87. Page 609 of Fannin County Deed Records. J. H. Floyd, B. F. Floyd and G. W. Floyd conveyed "Unto C. N. Avary, W. H. Burks and J. H. Floyd as Trustees of the Rock Point Methodist Church of Fannin County, Texas, and their successors in office.... 1 1/2 acres more or less. ” The transfer of property for the church site was dated April 29, 1902.

The C. N. Avary referred to was a great-grandfather of Don Morrison of Honey Grove. G. W. Floyd mentioned also in the deed was Elizabeth Branson’s father and J. H. Floyd and B. F. Floyd were G. W. Floyd’s older brothers.

According to notes taken by Mrs. Elizabeth Branson, Mrs. C. N. Avary (Maggie Garrison) at 94 years old in 1967, recalled going to the Literary Guild and the Ladies Aid Society at Rock Point Methodist Church when she was a young woman. "She would climb atop a bale of cotton and ride to the church as Charlie (Charlie Avary) took the cotton to the gin," Mrs. Branson's notes reveal.

The church flourished for over 20 years, the building being torn down in 1929 by Earl Bankston.

​[Article from the files of the Fannin County Historical Commission.]

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Among those shown in the Rock Point Methodist Church Sunday School picture are: Charlie Newton Avary, Florence Jefferies (Mrs. Dillan Rogers), Mattie Lee Avary (Mrs. L. C. Robinson), Mrs. Trigg Marr, Mr. Mursh Lindsey, Velma Lois Lindsey, Fred Wilson, Oscar Luttrell, Charlie Williams, Joe. Town-son, Bill Avary, Earl Marr, Annie Mae Anderson,Clara Bell Baldridge, Ollie Jefferies (Avery Rogers), Earl Hartman, Reeta Marr (Mrs. Henry Chaney), Johnnie Jefferies (Mrs. Johnnie Burnsed), Dewey Baldridge, Allie Floyd (Mrs. B. R. Keeley), William Floyd, Lois Avary, Sam Williams, Willie Dee Collard Lilia Rae Morrow, Mae Wilson (Mrs. Mae Morris), Fanny Gaylor, Henry Williams, Willie Mae Hardin, Della Bauldridge, Essie Garrison, Mary Collard (Mrs.H. Rickets), Virgia Avary (Mrs. Henry Reno), Clardia Marr, Nola Marr (Mrs. Hugh 'Kirkpatrick), Marrie Wilson (Denwiddie), Brandric Trudie, Mrs. Will (Ada) Collard, Jewell Mims, Fay Wilson, Mabel Anderson, Velma Avary (Adams), Mrs. Charlie (Jessie) Collard, Mr. Trigg Marr, Mr. Will Collard, Fred Collard, Mr. Fine Wilson, Edna Durham, Myrete Avary, Jessie Floyd, Ruth Baldridge (Janet McKee), Ellen Avary, Verna Avary (Bill Hubbard), Walter Yates, George Floyd, Willie Belle Anderson, Miss Harvey Avary, Lillie Moss, Lee Johnson, Charlie Collard, Marion Avary, Mrs. Marion (Mima) Avary, Mrs. Charlie (Maggie) Avary, Mrs. Mary Floyd, "Grandpa" Yates, Jim Floyd, Mr. Truss, and Mr. Durham.