Honey Grove Preservation League

Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

Because in the year which has passed since the Rock Point Presbyterian Church became part of the Main Street Presbyterian Church several additional and new members have been received, I give you here a complete  list of members from the community.

Bankhead, Billy Joe                                        Bankhead, Magness

Bankhead, Leonard                                        Baker, G. B.

Baker, Mrs. G. B.                                          Baker, Mrs. W. D.

Cunningham, James                                       Cunningham, Leroy

Cunningham, Mrs. J. M.                                 Dibley, John

Dibley, Donnie Joe                                         Harris, J. T.

Harris, Mrs. J. T.                                           Johnson, Ralph

Johnson, Mrs. Ralph                                      Kirkpatrick, T. G.

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. T. G.

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Fannie

Kirkpatrick,Walter                                          Luttrell, C. H.

Kirkpatrick, Horace                                       Marshall, M. M.

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Horace

Mann, J. A.                                                   Mann, Willie

Raiden, Mrs. J. M.                                         Reeder, Mrs. Gus

Shelton, Mrs. E. G. B.                                    Shelton, E. G. B.

Shelton, Mrs. J. J.                                          Shelton, Grace

Shelton, Luther                                               Shelton, Mrs. Luther

Shelton, Harold                                               Shelton, Mrs. E. T.

Shelton, W. A.                                               Shelton, Mrs. W. A. 

Shelton, Miss Dorris                                       Shelton, C. B.

Shelton, Roy A.                                              Shelton, Rufus

Shelton, Miss Ella                                           Wishard, Mrs. Frank

Wishard, Pauline                                            Young, J. M.                                 


T. G. Kirkpatrick                          Grace Shelton

Mrs. T. G. Kirkpatrick

E. G. B. Shelton                            C. H. Luttrell

Mrs. E. G. B. Shelton                     Mrs. E. T. Shelton

J. J. Shelton                                  G. B. Baker

Mrs. J. J. Shelton                          Mrs. G. B. Baker

Luther Shelton                               C. B. Shelton

Mrs. Luther Shelton                       Dorris Shelton

W. A. Shelton                                Ralph Johnson

Mrs. W. A. Shelton                        Mrs. Ralph Johnson

Harold Shelton                               Mrs. Frank Wishart

J. A. Mann                                    Pauline Wishard

Willie Mann                                   Mrs. Gus Reader

J. T. Harris                                   Roy A. Shelton

Mrs. J. T. Harris                           Rufus Shelton

Miss Ella Shelton                           J. M. Young

Mrs. W. D. Baker                          Mrs. J. M. Riaden

Ministerial Directory

Rev. A. L. Barr                       July 1891-Sept.

Rev. W. A. Kirkpatrick            Sept. 1891-Sept. 1904

M. C. Harris                           Sept. 1904-Nov. 1905

Rev. W. A. Kirkpatrick            Nov. 1905-April 1919

Rev. A. B. Welch                    Jan. 1920-Jan. 1923

Rev. R. A. Gray                      May 1923-March 1925

Rev. J. F. Fender                    Aug. 1927-April 1938          

January 19, 1902

Rev. W. A. Kirkpatrick preached his first sermon in the new Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Rock Point.

May 18, 1902

Rev. W. A. Kirkpatrick officiated in the dedication of the new church house.

Between the dates 1904 and 1925, the church held its meetings in the summers, received ministers and members in their due time.

On September 3, 1925, the Session met and after some discussion voted not to transfer to the church in Honey Grove.

March 17, 1929.  The Session accepted as a gift a communion service from the Windom Presbyterian Church which had been dissolved.

April 9, 1930.  The members met in the home of Mr. E. G. B. Shelton to draw up a resolution:

Whereas, the church in our community . . . having been without a pastor for over 12 months, and whereas the membership . . . has become scattered and so small that we cannot afford a minister even part time, and whereas the church in Honey Grove is so close to our community, having been brought so by good roads and automobiles for easy transportation, we . . . do make the following petition:

1.  That the whole membership . . . be transferred to the Main Street Presbyterian Church in Honey Grove.

At the meeting of the Session on July 20, 1898, the question of building a house of worship at Rock Point was considered and the Session agreed to endorse the pastor in an effort to raise the means to build said hour.

The Methodist brethren at Rock Point asked the Session, October 7, 1898, to allow them to buy an interest in our two acre church lot at Rock Point.

It appears that this arrangement was made and that the Methodists built a new house of worship.  On September 16, 1900, Rev. W. A. Kirkpatrick preached his first sermon in the new M.E. Church in Rock Point.

On September 22, 1901, the delegate to Presbytery was requested to get permission to sell two acres of land which we own and to approperate the means to a church house that we are building on another piece of land.

July 19, 1891

The undersigned respectfully represent that on the 19th day of July, 1891, there was organized by the Rev. A. L. Barr at Rock Point (three miles south of Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas) a new church, adopting the principles of Government of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, with a membership of 35. . . . 

                                                                       J. D. Baker

                                                                       H. A. Perkins

                                                                       E. G. B. Shelton

                                                                       R. H. Guthery

List of Charter Members:

J. D. Baker                                                  Mrs. S. C. Baker

H. A. Perkins                                               W. D. Baker

Mrs. C. E. Perkins                                        G. B. Baker

Miss Minnie Scarbarough                               S. B. Baker

D. A. Perkins                                               Mrs. L. E. Baker

Milton Perkins                                              Joe Perkins

Mrs. E. E. Smith                                           Mrs. J. C. Broach

E. G. B. Shelton, Sr.                                      Mrs. M. N. Shelton

M. A. Shelton                                               Mrs. Ella Shelton

W. R. Shope                                                Mrs. S. B. Shope

J. R. Browning                                             R. H. Guthrie

Mrs. Nannie Guthrie                                     Blaine Guthrie

W. J. Luttrell                                               Mrs. L. J. Luttrell

Miss F. J. Barton                                         H. M. Eaton

Miss Janie Blackman                                    Rufus Shelton

Miss Lucy Elison (Shelton)                           Mrs. R. M. Eaton

J. T. Harris                                                 Mrs. J. T. Harris

H. A. Gray                                                  John Hillard

Miss Nannie Hillard 

Rock Point Presbyterian Church

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Note:  In addition to this printed history, see the Session Minutes from 1891-1919, the Register of Communicants, Register of Infant Baptisms, Register of Adult Baptisms, Register of Marriages and Register of Deaths HERE.