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Saving and Documenting the History of Honey Grove, Texas

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The cut on the opposite page is from a photograph of the Corn Shelling Plant and Elevator of Williamson, Blocker & Miller.  This is an enterprise of three years standing, the firm being composed of Williams, Block & Co., and Mr. Newt F. Miller.  This plant is the largest in North Texas, having a capacity in elevator proper of 75,000 bushels storage, equipped with unloading dump, Howe's latest 22x8 Wagon Scales, Wheat Separators and oat Clippers; Elevating capacity of 1000 bushels per hour and operated by Electric power.  We are prepared to receive grain from Farmers in Wagons at all seasons of the year and have a record of unloading a load of bulk grain in three minutes time, without labor to the seller.  We also receive all kinds of grain from cards, such as wheat, corn and oats on our own account or will shell corn, clip oats and clean wheat in transit for account of customers in car lots only.

  Our Corn Shelling Plant has a capacity of 5000 bushels storage, in the ear, and we have shelling capacity o 2500 bushels per day.

  We are in the market at all times for wheat, corn or oats and will pay the highest market price.  Our plant is located on our private track on the line of the G. C. & S. F. Ry. and we get the benefit of the competitive rates between G. C. & S. F. and the T. & P. Rys, both of which come into our town.  Honey Grove has long been conceded as having the highest market for Cotton and we desire to say that we shall place her in the lead as a grain market also.  We have received grain this season from the Indian Territory, Fannin, Lamar. Delta nd Hunt counties, and this is very good evidence that we are always in line with the markets and give those selling grain the highest market price at all times.

  Our up-town office is with Williamson, Blocker & Co. and is in charge of the Mr. E. E. Blocker.  Mr. N. F. Miller has charge of the Elevator Office and will be found there at all times during business hours.  Those having grain of any kind will do well to see us before selling.

Williamson, Blocker & Miller's Elevator and Shelling Plant

Lamar Compress Company

Our Cotton Department

Famous STETSON, STAR and ELK Brands

Gilbert's Oriental Silk

Williamson, Blocker & Co.

Honey Grove, Texas

We especially call your attention to our unequalled Millinery stock.  We offer everything new in Millinery materials, bought from New York, Chicago and St. Louis markets, where our Milliner goes every season.

Liberty Satins, Plain Taffeta Silks, Velvets, plain and mirrored; Penna, florescent and plain, etc., etc. in all varieties.  All the latest creations in Ribbons for millinery and traimmings.  Feathers in the newest combinations.  Hats in wools, furs, velvets, etc., made up in the new shapes.  Ornaments in all descriptions.

Kindly visit our Millinery Department and inspect our stock for we are leaders in Style, Beauty and Low Prices.

Ferguson-McKinney Dry Goods Company

Residence of T. U. Cole

Residence of R. J. Thomas

Union Biscuit Co.

Residence of W. A. Williamson

Residence of J. M. Williamson

Residence of E. E. Blocker

Residence of J. A Pierce

Honey Grove Public School Building

First National Bank, Honey Grove

Herriott's Shoe Polish

Cotton Scene in Honey Grove

Galbraith Milling Company

DeKalb Lumber Co.

ing crowds of industrious yeomen, with pockets filled with the coin of the realm, women and children with arms full of merchandise, pass to and fro through the great stores.

  Honey Grove received in one season 42,500 bales of cotton, and will probably receive 40,000 bales during the present season.  Thanks of what such enormous receipts mean.  Placed end to end it would form a continuous row of cotton bales forth-eight miles long; woven into sheeting a yard wide it would be sufficient to encircle the globe. At $50 per bale the crop is worth $2,000.000.  And yet cotton is only one of the products of the farmer that finds a market here.  Grain, Hay, Fruits and Livestock are largely produced.  The amount of cash paid by Honey Grove buyers to farmers who spend money here foots up into the millions annually.

  During the present year two splendid elevators and a large flouring mill have been erected in the city, insuring a market for grain, at the highest prices, the year round.  Among the other institutions of the city, we take pleasure in mentioning the Cotton Compress, mammoth Oil Mills, Ice Factory, Lumber yards, Electric Light Plant, Cotton Gins and two of the largest banking institutions in the country.

  The Honey Grove Public School cannot be excelled anywhere.  It is a graded school with a faculty of eleven efficient instructors, and a nine-months' term is taught every year.  The building contains ten rooms and a large auditorium and was erected at a cost of about $30,000.

  Two railroads enter the city - the Texas & Pacific and Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe - placing us within easy reach of any point in the state.   

Honey Grove,


  The natural situation is most favorable, standing as it does, upon a knoll of black land and overlooking a plain of black waxy prairie as far as the eye can reach in either direction.  The large area of fertile lands surrounding the town is one of the best evidences of the wealth and prosperity of the people.  Few cities in the South draw trade form so much territory.  Notwithstanding North Texas is thickly dotted with towns, there can be seen on the streets of Honey Grove every fall time people from the Indian Territory and from the counties of Fannin, Lamar, Delta, Hunt and Hopkins. Those form a distance are attracted here by high prices paid for products of their toil - a reputation the city has justly earned and will sustain at all hazards.

   The town is well laid out and of very convenient arrangement.  The square is built principally of stone, and the various merchantile establishment carry large stocks and display many evidences of a large annual business.  The residential part of the town has gone far ahead of the business center in erecting handsome buildings.  It is a matter of common remark that Honey Grove has more palatial homes than other towns of it's size and it is creditable that the residents take so much pride in beautifying their homes.

  To appreciate the importance of Honey Grove as a great trade mart and distributing point a person had but to appear on the square during cotton season.  People elbow each other as they do through the busy street of Chicago.  The scene presents one connected mass of cotton bales and sometimes the square is practically impassable.  Seeth-


J. L. Brown, Jr. - Salesman and Mgr. Implement Dept.

Miss Bette Davidson - Saleslady

Miss Addie Ramsey - In Charge Millinery Dept.

Miss Maude King - Assistant Milliner

J. E. Breckeen - Salesman Dry Goods Dept.

S. C. Boswell - Bookkeeper

W. J. Parkhill - Salesman Grocery Dept.

J. T. Yeager - Salesman D.G. Dept.

Miss Ida Rhodes - Saleslady

W. E. Hales - Salesman, Dry Goods Dept.

Jno. W. Blocker - Salesman D. G. Dept. and Mgt. Window Dresser

Members of Firm

E. E. Blocker, Gen'l Mgr and Charge of Office

T. E. Williamson, Buyer and Salesman, Dry Goods Dept.

J. M. Williamson

W. A. Williamson, Cotton Buyer and Charge Groc'y Dept.

T. B. Spelce, Buyer and Salesman Grocery Dept.

Office, Williamson, Blocker & Company


We take pleasure in presenting to our patrons and the public this Booklet, and trust it may serve the double purpose of better acquainting people generally with Honey Grove and our firm and of extending the trade of local enterprises and foreign manufacturers who have seen fit to use its pages.  The firm of WILLIAMSON, BLOCKER & COMPANY was organized in 1892, and so great has been its success that its business is now acknowledged the largest in the thriving city of Honey Grove.  As succeeding pages will show our line embraces everything that human beings wear or eat and every kind of implement used by the farmer in tilling the soil or marketing the product of his labor.

   We attribute our success first to the splendid citizenship of Fannin and adjoining counties, the garden spot of this mundane sphere, and next to our business methods, the main article of which is fair dealings and courteous treatment to all.

  A cordial invitation is extended to all to make our store their headquarters while in this city, be convinced of the magnitude of our business and the immense line of goods carried in the 11000 square feet of floor space that make up our establishment.

                                                 Very Respectfully,

                                                   Williamson Blocker & Company

Souvenir Catalog

Williamson Blocker & Co

Honey Grove, Texas


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