Board of Directors

Malcolm Bronaugh, Sr., President

Geo. A. Dailey, Vice President

Ben O. Walcott, Secretary

John S. Ballinger, Treasurer

Rev. Richard W. Benge

John C. Sanders

Rev. Robt. H. Read

Joseph Meyer, M.D.

Hon. Andrew J. Nicholson

Rev. Thos. B. Lawson, D. D.

​James B. McKee

Walcott Institute

The Walcott Institute, a coeducational school, was established in 1881 by Professor J. S. Kendall.  The ad below is from the May 17, 1889 Fannin Guard.  Students came not only from Honey Grove, but also from elsewhere in Fannin County, Greenville, Commerce and even from the Choctaw Nation.

Register of Pupils

Primary Department

Grade A

Boone, John K

Bronaugh, Robert

Bronaugh, Volney

Bronaugh, Millard

Brown, Archie

Brown, Calvin

Brigance, Thomas

Coulter, Tipton

Dial, Samuel

Drennon, John

Ellils, Walter

Eversole, William

Eversole, Erastus

Gibson, Frank

Gibson, James

Hawley, Greenup

​Hindman, Lucius

​Hodges, Walter

Kinsworthy, Samuel

Lynn, John

McDowell, Walter

Nesbitt, William E.

Pope, Fleming

Price, Robert

Provine, Arthur

Scott, Samuel

Smith, Toliver

Trout, Calvin

Trout, Luther

Walcott, Bennie

Walcott, Martin

Williams, Sydney

Wilson, Eddie

Woode, Claude

​Yeager, Edwin

Angus, Mary

Ballinger, Hallie

Boone, Bettie

Bralley, Docia

Bralley, Alice

Brown, Katie

Brigance, Daisy

Bryant, Etta

Daniels, Mary

Gambill, Susan

Gibson, Lila

Gibson, Flora

Gifford, Helena

Grizzard, Lizzie

Harral, Lillie

Hawley, Ollie

Heilander, Kelly

Hodges, Lula

Ingram, Lizzie

Johnson, Nina

Lee, Etna

McDowell, Libbie

Nix, Hattie

Peoples, Leona

Peoples, Georgia

Pirtle, Rosa

Smith, May

Walcott, Katie

Wallhaeffer, Lena

Williams Seba

Woods, Annie

Grade B

Boone, James

Boone, Walter

Coleman, Wyatt

Dailey, Fred

Ford, Thomas

Gambill, George

Gambill, Joseph

Hindman, Milus

Ingram, John

Irby, Howard

Nesbit, William

Nix, Charles

Nix, Edward

Pirtle, Isaac

Rives, George

Watson, Ephraim

Yeager, Arthur

Yoakum, Motimer

Brigance, Alice

Brigance, Ollivia

Brown, Mattie

Chiles, Belle

Dial, Ida

Dial, EllaFuqua, helen

Grizzard, Tennie

Jolley, Jennie

McDowell, Ruth

McLean, Pattie

Nesbitt, Nellie

Nicholson, Bettie

Pirtle, Jennie

Pope, Mary

Pope, Lucy

Smith, Lula

Smith, Mattie

Thompson, Fannie

Tyns, Mozelle

Vorholzer, Rika

Woods, Lela

Academic Department

Grade A

Adkins, Thomas

Andrews, Maxey

Barnum, Samuel

Bolivar, Washington

Boone, William

Bralley, William

Bralley, Frank

Bywaters, Walter

Chiles, Lewis, Jr.

Craddock, Edwin

Gambill, William

Hopkins, William

Irby, Robt

Irby, Neal

Jackson, John

Justiss, Richard

Lee, Smith

Ligon, Thomas, Jr.

Lynn, James

Maness, Dee L

Mayo, Homer P

Michael, David

McElwee, Edward

McDonald, Benham

Neal, Henry

Neathery, Stephen

Nix, Austin

Porter, David

Smith, Alex

Smith, Edward

Smith, Paul

Williamson, Thomas

Ballinger, Mattie

Boone, Jennie

Coulter, Mary

Dailey, Edna

Derrich, Annie

Dial, Alice

Ford, Lena

Ford, Mollie

Gilmer, Bettie

Hundley, Laura

Irby, Gertrude

Jolley, Lela

Lane, Kate

LasMaster, Bettie

LaMaster, Jennie

Ligon, Addie

Mather, Cora

Moss, Lucy

Pirtle, Alice

Pennybacker, Nina

Smith, Laura

Thompson, Ella

Williamson, Bella

Wortham, Lula

Grade B

Beason, Finlely

Bryant, Frank

DeBerry, Seaborn

Gardner, Sam H

Garoutte, Stonewall

Grizzard, Hinton

Harral, Richard

Hulsey, William

Jolley, Lee

Nicholson, Rev. J. B.

Nicholson, Andrew, Jr.

Pierce, Jesse

Price, Oscar

Williams, Oscar

Cox, Annie

Cushman, Laura

Dial Nannie

Erwin, Eva

Garoutte, Sissie

Mauldin, Lida

Smith, Annie

Wortham, Alice

Below are selected pages from the Walcott Institute Circular from 1883.  You can see the entire Circular HERE.

See also the Walcott Institute Register for 1881-82.

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