The following photos for the Class of 1938 were provided by Jackie Florimonte.

Class of 1937

Evelyn Runcle Hancock in light blue; Elizabeth Patton Posey in black.  Taken in 2001

Graduating Class of 1938 at 2001 Reunion:  Front row:  Alice Patton, Jack Luttrell, Jack Ridge, Willie Dawson, Ina Pearl Luttrell, Rodney Pruitt.  Back row:  Loretta Gilbert, Edythbell Kirk, Dorothy Hix and Doris Skinner.

Windom High School Classes of the 1930s

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Reception for Windom 30's Graduates

A reception honoring Windom graduates of the thirties and forties was held at the home of Ina Pearl and Jack Luttrell on June 23.

Jackie Florionte and Bunny Luttrell served punch and cake to the guests.

Of the 1937 graduating class of twelve members, two are no longer living - Leroy Riddles and Dorothy Moxley Laws.  The six who were in attendance were Bonnie Brumit Gunn, Blanche Holman Dawson, Arvilla Howard Ridge, Charlene White Thompson, Evelyn Runkle Hancock and Elizabeth Patton Posey.

The Class of 1938 had twenty-three who graduated; deceased members are Wayne Alexander, Harold Brumit, Douglas Dowdle, J. F. Parrish, Sidney Parrish and Mary Frances Weaver Hix.

Class members who attended the gathering Saturday were Edythbell Clark Kirk, Rodney Puitt, Loretta Jenson Gilbert, Jack Ridge, Alice Patton, Willie Woodard Dawson, Dorothy Beavers Hix, Doris Owens Skinner, Ina Pearl Luttrell . . . .

Below:  Seniors of 1936.

Front Row:  Mary Nicely (Conwell), Garvin Holman, Aylene Collard (Holman) , Frank Howell, Faye Ratliff (Payne), Aline Hawkins (Ray)

Back Row:  Eldon Franklin, Miss Council, Harvey Melton, Geraldine West (Chaney), Mary Bigham, Jack Melton, Miss Witherspoon, Ruby Lee Cassell, Joe Neal Rasberry.

Windom exes reunion

In 1931, twenty graduates received high school diplomas at the Windom High School Auditorium.  Nine of them began first grade there and continued through graduation.  They wee Chris Runkle, Marie Dodd, John Wheeler, Nellie Avery, Mozelle Jacks, Lorraine Sullivan, Marie Whirley, Inez Curtis and Emma Curtis.

Francile Dixon joined the class four years later, and the following year Matt Richardson and Mable Logan came.  That was in the red brick building that for sixty-one years has housed Windom High.

In 1924, Mable Morris became fifth grade teacher, and she remained with the class through the following year.  In 1927, Captola McKinney, Ina Mae Ford, Hollis White and Freddie Mae Melton joined the class.  SOme time later, Mary Elizabeth Blassengame and Cora Sue Woods became class members. . . . 

Back of photo says 1930